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Is bottom swing derailleur ok for ML?

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Titus specifies a top swing.
Has anyone tried a bottom swing or there's just not enough room?

Thanks in advance.
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No Problem

I'm running an FD-M751 on my '07 ML2 and haven't had any problems.

The welds around the main pivot and BB are low enough for a top swing derailleur to clear so Titus probably spec's the low clamp for the added stiffness. AFAIK the Guapo is the only current Titus needing a bottom swing derailleur - the top swing just wont slide down low enough on the seat tube for reasonably small chainrings.

Thanks for the reply. I have an extra XT bottom swing derailleur sitting around. I love the XT's. To me they feel even better than the XTRs.
I think it may depend on the frame size - I believe it didn't work on a small or perhaps x-small. Can't recall exactly. I'd give Titus a call.
I called coloradocyclist

Thanks for the comments. They said it might fit, but they don't guarantee the smoothness in shifting. I've had good experiences with the XT front derailleurs and I have an extra one around, so just give it a try.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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