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Is anyone familiar w/ 3T ARX Stems?

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I'm thinking about the ARX LTC, which is Astronomically expensive, or the ARX Team Stem, which is very, very resonalble, compared to other stems. Leaning toward the Team stem now, but, haven't heard anything about them. Any input, suggestions, opinions on durability/strength ect... would be most welcome.

3T ARX Team. 120g/110mm

3T ARX LTD. 118g/110mm Love the Look.


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I'm riding with the Alloy version (team) on my cyclocross and racebike with the arx handlebar and it's great. It looks good combined with the handlebar because they both share that stripe in the middle of the stem and bar.

About stiffness and dureability, I think nothing different than any other of the same kind a stems like WCS/ Syntace/Truvativ etc etc... All a bit the same, just another forged stem with nice looking bolts (they have the shape of light titanium ones... But are just SS). Stiness seems to be really ok and the fit very nicely over the handlebar and steerer tube.. 118 grams is good for such a stem considering the price...
I would not go for the 2 grams lighter stem of the carbon version as it would probably cost you some ribs for that 2 grams. Instead of paying that amount of money just buy the Team version and replace the 6 SS bolts for Titanium and the result shall be a stem below 110grams...
Thanks Ninko

Seems like a nice stem and the price is really good. Thanks for the information about the Team stem, makes me feel better knowing someone is using them without problems.

Thanks again,

I have the ARX team on my roadbike too. Came from a Thomson X2 and I feel this is a little bit more stiff. Not something I can put my finger on, but descending feels better with the 3T parts on compared with the K-force/thomson combination I took off.
Didn't do a weigh in, but was lighter than the Thomson, so probably accurate - The bar came in at the advertised weight BTW


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Very Nice Alex!

Going to start shopping for the stem now. Thanks again!!!

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