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Is anybody doing volunteer trail maintenance at Bent Creek this Sunday 7/16?

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Hey Pisgah Area SORBA people, What is the official word? If my wife will let me out of the house, I'll come but I need to know when, where, how long, should I bring gloves? I assume we will ride after:)
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Maida7 said:
Hey Pisgah Area SORBA people, What is the official word? If my wife will let me out of the house, I'll come but I need to know when, where, how long, should I bring gloves? I assume we will ride after:)
copied from an email received this morning:


SORBA is sponsoring a workday in Bent Creek this Sunday July 16th. Meet at
the Rice Pinnacle parking area at 10AM.

Our plan is to work on Wolf Branch trail and continuing work that SORBA has
done on this trail (road to trail conversion, better drainage and adding
some TTFs).

Let's plan to work till 3PM or so and that leaves time for a late afternoon

ride. The Trail Dynamics crew is working closely at the Biltmore Estate so I
can bring 2-3 machines for the day. If we had 10 or more folks show up, we
could bang out a ton of good work making this trail more sustainable and
more fun to ride.

What to bring: Water, snacks, lunch, work clothes and gloves, sunglasses,
your bike helmet (USFS requires a helmet when doing trail work) and a
willingness to work toward the greater good.

There has been a lot of discussion on this list serve and MTBR recently about
work performed in Bent Creek. This is a real opportunity to have influence
on the future of trails in our area. In a nutshell, if you ain't getting
dirty and putting in some sweat equity then nobody wants to hear your ideas
on how trails should look or ride. Neff said!

I hope to see many of you this Sunday. Please post this in as many visible
places as you can to help spread the word.



me and a couple of others will be out on either Squirrel Gap or Heartbreak Ridge
haven't decided yet which to do. sorry to miss a work day.

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Thanks Brad!

That's exactly what I was looking for.

Anybody who enjoys riding in Bent Creek should consider showing up for this. Bent Creek is a wonderful amenity but it needs our help to remain that way. If the mtn bike community wants any say in the decisions that govern the future of BC, we need to show up and make a positive presence.

I'll be there. I've never done anything like this but feel like I should. I can't stay till 3:00 but I'll give what I can.

so how'd it go? I noticed some bigger stuff was off the trail yesterday. I'm assuming you guys had something to do with that. Kudos... I didn't even think I'd be able to ride yesterday and couldn't get out this time 'round. Hope to remedy that in the future. your work is appreciated thank you!
plume said:
so how'd it go?
It was really much easier than I thought it would be. Having never done trail maintenance before I didn't know quite what to expect. I thought it would be really hard like building the pyramids or something. Turned out it was super easy! The guys from Trail DYNAMICS donated there time and machines. They did most of the work and we all owe them a big thank you for their efforts. :thumbsup:
Though there was a machine mechanical that caused our official start time to be a bit late, and a downed tree forced us to change our initial focus point - we were able to accomplish a lot of needed work on a popular trail section. Sadly, we lost a few folks due to prior afternoon commitments - thanks so for coming! Luckily, we gained some new support as the work began.

Special thanks to Bouncy-Bouncy and her yet to be titled Bouncy Hubby for riding in to contribute.


Personal thanks to those who put time in for the work day: JT, doing double time, even with a "Squirrel Gap Broken Finger" = SGBF. Rick, who had a "how'd I get this rash" moment (bring a bandana next time, ok?) Mike B, with his "it looks less like a ditch now" comment. Vickie, for her innate understanding of "funk-sway". David, for wearing sandals. David II, for manning machines and only speaking when spoken to. (Are you sure you stopped for food?) Kevin, for riding up to us other riders to report the morning news. Ken, for his "kenabilities". Mark, for his "yeah, let's do it" attitude. Guy Who's Name I Forgot, for your awesome commitment and watering the dog. Apologies if I missed anyone else - we were so spread out - please chime in.

Last but not least - Woody. EOD.

Trail Unlimited did most of the contracted work in Bent Creek. This day 's accomplishments were due to Trail Dynamics. Easy to get confused…. dang trail builders always wanting to use that word in their title.


M: have any trouble finding your way back to the house?
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