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Is a Schwinn s[9six]40 a good retro MTB ride?

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Do you all think that a Schwinn s[9six]40 would be a good retro mtb build? It is an early 96 sweetspot schwinn w/ a cane creek rear shock. I was thinking about building up one with white industy, cook, paul, or syncross parts and was wondering if it is a good bike for a retro ride. Does anyone have one or ride one on a regular basis? Just wondering what you all thought about the older schwinns in the early days of full suspension. Also, did yeti build these early sweetspot schwinns or was that just for the 'homegrown' series?

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IMHO, most early full suspension (vintage, retro, whathaveyou) do not make for very good trail bikes. Suspension design for mtb's has come such a long way that it really doesn't make sense to try and pimp out an older fully.

There are exceptions of course, but I'm not sure your Schwinn is the case.

Vintage hardtails, however, are all ok for trick out and ride. :)

I don't mean to slag your ride...I just think for all your money and efforts, you'll still be left with a mediocre riding bike.
I don't know much at all about the s[9six]40 model. I do know that the Rocket 88 is generally considered a very good trailbike, but it came out later. Its suspension design is closer to modern, as I understand it.
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