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is a 91-92 hardtail worth rebuilding?

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i built up a custom hardtail with pepperoni forks and XT gruppo way back in 1991, used it for a year or two then stored it till 2004, then rebuilt it with the latest 04 XT components, then disassembled it again in 2005 to give way for FS LaPierre bike, then now an 06 Prophet.

my frame is in pristine condition with hardly any scratches, its got a 1" headtube w/c used to have some 92 rockshox quadra (w/c i already sold last 2005). i already sold all the vintage XT components, whats left is the frame and fork, so is it still worth building up???? im planning on turning it onto a single speed or 9 speed no suspension bike with some dirtjumping short stems,riserbars and wide tires for village biking. some sort of supermoto bike look.....dirtjump bike....look.

or should i just let it rest in peace in d storage room?

i dont have plans on riding it for hours anymore as im happy with my prophet, its more for d sake of building it up into a bike again rather than just letting it collect dust as a frame..

btw, i dont plan on spending much on it either as im still not done on my dream prophet build...
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