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This bike was locked it had never been in the parked in the community before. There was alot of non residents in the area of the bike because it was ironically Superbown Sunday.

Bikes arent just aluminum they are a mechanism we find zen with.

Please keep an eye out for this bike. Some very unique features on this bike.

If you have any suspicions contact me immediatley. Law Enforcement has been advised. :madman: :madman: :madman: :madman: :madmax: :madmax: :madmax:


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i believe the rear rim is now black.

spec's posted by owner from another site:

08 IH Sunday
Burgtec bars and pedals(unique)
MTX black rear rim
White Azonic front rim
Vivid shock
SDG seat/post
New 888 EVO
Truvativ cranks
Formula ONE brakes
X9 shifter/derailer
rusty chain
GRAVITY PIRATES custom engraved grips
Schwalbe front, Conti Digga rear....
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