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I race my MKIII occasionally. I'm faster on my singlespeed on a lot of XC race courses but if it's really rocky or has a mix of really steep climbs and long flat sections (granny climbs and big ring flats) i'll swap bikes.

Oh, yeah, name: Andy Friefeld

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_dw said:
On Todd's request, write your name in this thread if you race an IH bike. cutoff today at 8PM EST today
Mr. P (Patrick Cavender)

The HP hit the local XC race series for 2 months this summer, me and my 30+# hot rod took on the spandex clad weight weenies, and I was soundly defeated :D But they got some surprises while they sat on the brakes on the downhills and I used none.:thumbsup: I also hit every jump/drop possible - too much fun!

I crashed out of the Downieville Downhill on my first training run and broke my arm (all the previous racing was training for this event). Did I mention my training buddy (with whom we were equal) took a first in his class.

But I am already lining up a calendar for next year - Sea Otter downhill, Cougar Classic Super D, and my focus, the Downieville Downhill. I will also train in some local races.

Ashwin on these boards is the racing machine, and probably the most dedicated racer here.


The attached image is from the local series, part of the course was a downhill section of hardpacked motocross track complete with doubles and massive burms :thumbsup: Delicious!


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I'll add Ashwin, hope he doesn't mind!!
Ashwin Amanna
formerly 2004 hollowpoint
now a bright shiny new Azure!
Vet Expert XC

Stand back
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Jerry Harcek
30-39 expert gravity
MSC series

I can throw in some teammates on Sundays who may not be paying attention:
Todd Wilson 25-29 sport gravity
Dave Badger 25-29 expert gravity
Ryan Knipe 30-39 expert gravity
Kevin Maybry semi gravity

Sugary Exoskeleton
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How about 8pm Pacific Standard Time?

Just recently raged my way to a stellar 13th place out of 15 at the Boblsed Nationals in lovely Salt Lake City aboard my 7point7. It's quite fancy and I like it quite a bit.:p

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