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Ok, this is east coast Mtn biking, no huge mountains, no high altitudes, just lots of hills and tight twisty single track. Iron Hill is a favorite race venue. Mainly due to the fact that it is built onan old open pit mining complex(circa 1750's-1820's). So the ground is unigue for the area. It is covered with small stones, slag like, and some bige bolders. If you've ever driven 95 thru Deleware you've passed it. Due to its compisition, we usually race it evenif it gets wet, since we can reroute around a particulary muddy section. WEll race morning, 2-3 inches fell in an hour and a half. End result was a race that was more survival than racing. However once you realized that everyone else was in the same boat, it became easy to laugh at the absurbity of it all. Still i did my three laps, walked about half, and was covered head to toe with mud by the end. My Jekyle normally weighs in at 30lbs. At the end i weighted it and it came in at 52lbs. The mud ranged from soupy, to suripy, to peanut butter. No major problems since the speed was so low,and everyone seemed to have a great time playing in the mud. My favorite experience of the day was two wheel sliding around a corner, got to do it three times and it was a blast every time. There was athick clay base inthis area so sliding was the rule of the day. Here are a couple of pictures. More at Bill
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