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See Elbow Loop Photo thread for an explanation of the break-up.

Iron Creek/Tom Snow Trail (to who ever did the work on the singletrack at the start of Tom Snow after the fireroad's awesome!)

A quick tune up at the beginning:

Ryan doing a light climb on Iron Creek - I was taking pictures while riding/climbing so they aren't that great (I didn't want to stop!):

More of the same stretch...everything is nice and green (and a bit of mud in small sections):

I think this was the start of what turned into a fairly fast and flowy downhill section:

Me fixing a flat after getting maybe a little too aggressive on the aforementioned descent (it had to go flat right after a creek crossing so everything was all wet and dirty):

Looking towards a valley at the beginning of the really fun descent of Tom Snow:

The start of the fun section on Tom was really fun once it got into the tree cover:

One scenery pic before starting the singletrack:

After a bunch of descending and a longer climb:

Loading up and going home...with just a bit of light to spare:
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