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I have been running IRC Mythos 2.1's for a half a decade on all of my bikes. Now and then I'll swap them out for my Panaracer Fire 1.8's if the trails are hard packed. The past year I ended up commuting more than trail riding outside of our adventure racing schedule. I decided to give one of these newer, wider road tires a shot on my Mag/Ti rigid.

So I zipped through the slush, snow and traffic in 8 degree weather to give them a whirl. I have to admit, the traction in the slop was pretty good for a road tire. I didn't expect that at all. After work there were some nice stretches of bare road to get going on. Man these things float. The added cushion helps a great deal in the comfort area. The wider track was great in the corners. Just a little on the heavy side. I gained 230gr. This will be my last ride till the temp gets above 45 degrees.

Best $15 road tire out there for the MTB for comfort and performance. Best $15 tire I have ridden period.

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