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Iphone App Suggestions

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What Apps are you running for your Iphone? There seems to be a lot to choose from. I would like a good GPS app that outlines route, distance, and elevation. I would also like suggestions for any other cool apps.

Oh, Merry Christmas. I hope everyone received something light, strong, and free.

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Map My Ride ( has an app that works on Iphones to track distance, map routes, elevation etc. I don't have an Iphone so don't have a lot of details but have seen the mapping etc. and it looks pretty solid.
There's the motion-x app that's reccommended by the "top mountian biking gifts" article. Going to give the free version a try the next time I ride. Has good reviews from slot of people.
I just started the 100 pushups app and found out how much of a wimp I really am.
motion x seems to be the best one to me. It has lots of features, and I can get 4 hrs on the battery when I lock the screen while the app is running and turn off 3g.

I'd like to find an app that can get 6 hrs of GPS'ing in, but I guess maybe for that I might have to wait until July for the new iPhone :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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