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My name is Jeroen, I'm 35 years old and I'm addicted to retro.
I started in '90 with a very Dutch MTB: Batavus Buster (still have one)
Then a Giant Cadex '92 which I rode for a loooong time. (still have one)
After the Cadex was stolen I bought a Jamis Diablo '98 and kinda stuck with this brand.
Bought a Diablo '98 and last week a Dragon '94.
And a lot more in between these bikes.
Good to see a lot of other suckers for retro here:thumbsup:

Some pics:

Jamis Diablo '89

Jamis Diablo '98

Jamis Dragon '94 in progress

Raleigh Montage '91 (my own paintjob)

Mongoose '95

Giant Cadex '92

and how it al started:)

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Welcome aboard!

Way to show up with the pics too, we love visual aids :thumbsup:

Some of the Dragons were built by Serotta here in the states, it would say so on the stays if that were the case...
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