The unparalleled performance of RockShox's XLoc hydraulic remote lockout system, used on XX-level forks, is coming to rear shocks for 2012.

For the rider looking for the ultimate speed and efficiency, RockShox introduces the Monarch XX Carbon rear shock. RockShox combined two of its most advanced technologies, a carbon fiber air can and the XLoc hydraulic remote lockout, to create one of the most advanced rear shocks for cross country racing and trail riding.

Monarch XX Carbon features instant lockout via an ergonomically superior XLoc hydraulic remote and the weight savings of a new carbon fiber air can. The XLoc hydraulic remote controls the lockout with simple push-push actuation mounted cleanly to your Avid brake and SRAM shifter with MatchMaker X compatibility. This industry-first hydraulic remote system is fully sealed leaving it impervious to debris, so the lever force never changes over time.

The 15g carbon fiber air can is half the weight of its aluminum counterpart while maintaining the supple spring feel Solo Air is known for. The air can is completely carbon fiber except for its small precision aluminum main seal gland, to maximize weight savings without sacrificing any durability.
  • 275 grams*
  • XLoc Hydraulic remote (available in left or right)
  • 360 degree hose exit for ease of set-up and hose routing
  • XLoc hydraulic remote system is a fully sealed system that is
    impervious to debris, so the lever force never changes over time
  • Non-Carbon Monarch XX available OEM
Available Fall of 2011.


165 x 38mm (6.5x1.5"), 190 x 50mm
(7.5x2.0"), 200 x 50 or 57mm
(7.875x2.0 or 2.25"), 216 x 63mm (8.5x2.5")

275 grams

Hydraulic with IFP

Damping Adjust
External rebound and XLoc hydraulic remote lockout

Solo Air

Spring Adjust
Air pressure via single Schrader valve

Air Can Material
Carbon fiber

Shaft Material

Shaft Diameter

Body Material

Body Diameter

Body Finish
Clear hard anodized with sag gradients

Upgrades Over XX:
Carbon fiber air can

*Weight based on 165x38 shock with 950mm hose and no hardware

Source: Tyler Morland