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'Official introduction' - hope I'm doing this right and am posting in the right place ?? Please correct me if I'm not.. (I'm from an age waaay back,when mobile phones and internet didn't exist,and dinosaurs roamed the earth,go figure..)

1.) Where you are from? (as specific as you care to share)

the Netherlands, and then the south-most part of it - next to the german and belgian border,very hilly-it's nice here..

2.) What kind of rider do you consider yourself? (ex: beginner, weekend warrior, all mtn/trail rider, XC racer, downhiller, singlespeeder, 29er rider, etc...)

Level: '****', pardon my language. While I do love to ride my bikes, I'm not very good at anything. No part.skills or talents nor do I own a very healthy,fit body . Still love it though,which counts for something I guess.

3.) How many bikes you own?

(must whisper this one, the wife might overhear me.. currently I own 8, all sorts from race- to mtb to 'franken-bike-style-grocery-shopper' to monstercross which is my current project)

4.) How long have you been riding?
Riding a bicycle-all my life.From going to school in a nearby village untill 16 or so,and everything else was done by bicycle. Riding to work on a batavus-mtb, riding in weekends to shops or malls or friends houses,all was done on a bike.
I've only ridden mtb-tracks on my own, and have never rode with a touring-race group neither. Am riding gravel-paths as amateuristically as can be, still do my grocery-shopping by bike,like the occasional 'bikepacking-trip' or set out to climb a few hills on my racingbike.

5.) What forums do you frequent most? (either here or on other sites)

Visited the dutch 'mtb forum' a few times, lovely group of people but far too ambitious for me .Hope to read and learn h e r e as much as I can, and if I can I'd be more than happy to share offcourse !

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Born in 1971 would make you 47 years old. Dinosaurs were far extinct by then. Internet was bouncing around in Steve Jobs head. And cell phones were already in use on a Hollywood set with the Get Smart tv show. You need to be a bit older than 47 to pull the wool over all of our eyes. ;)

Welcome aboard anyway.
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