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IGSSC announcement, 8/3/2004, please read entire announcement please for all relevant information.

Set your calendars for the PRE-QUALIFIER race for the Intergalactic SingleSpeed Championships for August 15th, 2004

Eldora Mountain Resort presents the First Annual Eldora Escape, the 8th stop in the Mountain States Cup XC Series, and the NORBA Colorado State Singlespeed Championships. The Indian Peaks Cross Country Race highlights a festive day of championship racing, awards ceremony, prize raffle, cold beer and a great chance to hang out with old washed up pros, or meet new ones during this laid back day of cross country riding.* Located just a half click 270 degrees from Boulder, Eldora Resort offers a magnificent getaway for a day of racing, relaxing and forgetting the worries of intergalactic life.

Sunday August 15th
The Indian Peaks Cross Country Race features one of the most rocky and pristine cross country courses in the Series. This virgin course utilizes Nordic terrain and rocky-as-hell ski trails, undulating single-wide-mountain-trail through recently "thinned" trees, and technical descents. This is a real riders course and may remind you of your favorite backcountry ride (or not). We will crown the Colorado State Singlespeed Champions to the top finishers in the Singlespeed Category, and all IGSSC Pilots must be present to participate in the first annual poach of this event.

Friday August 6th
Course marked for pre-poaching.
Saturday August 14th
Preregistration poaching in Boulder at University Bicycles 4 - 7 pm. University Bicycles is the geared corporate megashop located at 9th and Pearl.
Sunday August 15th
Race Day Registration at Eldora (Pilots may abstain from this.)
6:30 * 9:00 am
Race Start
8:30 or 10:00 am...we're not really sure.
Awards Ceremony
1:30 pm or 8pm, depends on NORBA's slackness...again, we have no idea.

Register online at Online preregistration cutoff is midnight on Wednesday, August 11th. Pre-registered mail-in entries must be received by Monday August 9th. You may also pre-register Saturday afternoon from 4-7 PM at University Bicycles in Boulder.

Race Site Registration:
Race day registration and check-in will take place in the Indian Peaks Day Lodge at Eldora Resort, from 6:30 to 9 AM. Racers must register at least one hour prior to start. On-site registration fee of $10 will be assessed for on-site registrations.

Scenic & patchouli smelling ropehead camping abounds in the Nederland area. Call Randy at Happy Trails at 303-258-3435 for poaching trails, trail maps, soul sales, ethics rentals, and repair of boingers that only go downhill.

Cold Beer/ Hot Tunes
Bring your own beer, and some twirly-smelly-hippie band will be playing out of their school bus in the parking lot for all to twirl and enjoy!* And remember! No showering allowed at least two weeks prior to event!

First Aid
First Aid will be located at the finish area for the tortured IGSSC riders that downed one-too-many beers during the race. In addition there will be course marshals and medics at various checkpoints on the course handing out beer. Hydration fluids in the form of beer will be available at the finish area to allow Pilots to stay properly hydrated. Restroom facilities are also at the start/finish area and on the Happy Trails front lawn.

Results will be posted at the race venue as soon as the competition is completed or night falls, whichever comes first. The awards ceremony will take place at the Indian Peaks Lodge. Bring your own award, please.* NORBA will not supply any prizes or thanks for attending one of their events.* Cash will not be paid to the pro and semi-pro riders and no awards will be given to anyone in any category...what do you think this is the Salvation Army? You must pick-up and throw an award at the award ceremony to receive it.

Colorado State Singlespeed Championships:
We are excited to crown the NORBA Colorado State Singlespeed Champions at this event. State Championship Designations and points will be awarded to the top PILOT Singlespeed racers if Eric Moore remembers to send the results in to UCI.* In addition, a custom made DeSalvo Singlespeed frame will be raffled to the singlespeed participants.* IGSSC Pilots wishing to participate in the IGSSC this October must poach this event with costume or Pilot suit.* No exceptions allowed, see IGSSC amendment to the constitution BE-HR 1a on page 6 of Dirt Rag issue #106.*

Team Parking:
There will be a Team Pit Area in the parking lot for teams to slam dance prior to race with music provided by the Circle Jerks.

Industry Expo:
The Exposition area will be on the grassy lawn on the South side of the Indian Peaks Lodge but if your company makes more than 1 million/year then don't bother showing up.

For More Information:
Call the Warriors Cycling Event Hotline at 970.468.9322 or email Meriwether at [email protected].
*For more information and schedule for the Mountain States Cup NORBA Championship Series, please visit us on the web at For better information for this event, please visit us on the web at

NORBA License Information:
NORBA no longer offers one-day licenses because they are money-mongering losers that could care less about cyclists. Non-NORBA members will pay an additional $5 when registering and be hit in the behind with a rubber mallet. If you are an expert level rider or higher, you must have an annual license to compete, and kiss the hand of each NORBA official at the event while proclaiming your racing category. NORBA has separated Juniors into five categories, which include Junior Beginner, Junior Sport, and Junior Expert, Juniors who think they are pros, and Juniors who take dope. Please register accordingly.

Indian Peaks Cross Country Race
Sunday 8:30 / 10:00 am
In the Eldora tradition, this never-ridden exhilarating 8-mile circuit will thrill riders with slow rocky double-track, challenging newly built singletrack, trees spaced 25 feet apart, and technical rockier descents. Additionally, we have designed a unique course especially for the beginner and junior riders that complements their skill level. This course will be in the parking lot around the port-o-lets, a DERBY as some will call it.* The Sport, Expert and Pro level racers will compete on a different course that tests their all-around riding ability but is totally boring because it has to be spectator friendly.

Expert and Pro Men
3 laps on the Red Course

Sport Men, Expert and Pro Women
2 laps on the Red Course

Beginner Men, Sport Women, Spt Juniors
2 laps on the Green Course

Beginner Women, Beg. Juniors
*1 lap on the Green Course

Start Times:

All Beginners and Juniors
8:30 am

Sport, Expert, and Pros
10:00 am

Age Divisions will be separated by one minute intervals.

All Pilots, we hope to see you there!
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