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I too am older than you...............

and believe that w/proper gearing you will build up the muscles around the knees
as well as the legs and some upper body too. SO DON"T EVEN TRY IT!!!

Really though, you may want to rethink selling that beauuuuuuty......I mean come
on, you really want to sell it???

Veni Vidi Vici.

those are Rollercams...
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Me too.

Trevor! said:
Love that paint job.
Looks very Fat City-esque :cool: No mistaking the link between those two outfits.

I'd hate to see you give up a beautiful bike like that. As others have said, try lowering the gearing(if you haven't already) I'm 44 and fat but I do alright with a 33 X 18.

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One of the nicest frames I've seen here lately

56 this year and my knees are fine.

There are a number of other factors that can contribute to knee problems other than a SS and age, but I think that you already know that.

As stated earlier, have you tried re-gearing?

Francine said:
Ad # 86428 in classifieds. Take a look. My knees are too old to ride it. My loss is your gain.
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