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RNT - Flex Fit 108 pedal

Road Not Taken - Flex Fit 108 pedal

Found in the "Lab" area of Interbike, I discovered this pedal from a South Korean company called Road Not Taken. Their Flex Fit 108 flat pedal has a very unique design because the whole pedal platform actually moves 16 degrees on its axle (8 degree fore and 8 degrees aft). The purpose, according to the inventor, it to provide more stability during hard cornering. The official explanation is: "The RNT's "FLEX FIT" system enables the rider's foot to be fixed on the pedal which prevents the foot from getting crooked while cornering, and lets the rider move slightly faster with more safety. Also, since the 12mm platform enhances the vehicle movement stability, the large needle bearings and the wide bushings secure the rotating durability of the bicycle. Lastly, because the bumpers are easily replaceable, a broad range of colors can be applied on the bicycle."

The pedal axle is centered by two elastomers so it is not a "free floating" design, the float requires quite a bit of load to initiate the movement.

RNT - Flex Fit 108 pedal RNT - Flex Fit 108 pedal

Road Not Taken - Tiger Crank

Road Not Taken was also showing their Tiger Crank made from 7075 aluminum that weighed in at 685 grams for the entire crankset including 3 rings. The crank is hollow and super light. It is BB30 compatible.

RNT - Tiger Crank

Features of the Tiger Crank:
  • Configuration of a 40/30/22-tooth chainring optimized on a 27.5 wheel
  • Aluminum alloy-7075 chainring
  • Tooth structure that minimizes chain suck situations
  • RNT's high-durability hallow structured crank arm
  • BB30 / BB24 both applicable
  • Press fit / thread options both applicable
  • Spindle gap adjustment structure that prevents left to right loosening

Road Not Taken - Amo Titan

The last product from Road Not Taken that I was shown, was the Amo Titan, a frame made from Russian titanium using a different kind of process that doesn't expose the frame to high heat and instead uses the foil tape that is shown. "Blazed with Amorphous Foil" is what the sign read. As one of our readers has pointed out in the comments, "blazed" seems to be the Asian equivalent of brazed.

RNT - Amo Titan foil tape

We weren't sure what to make of the frame, since there was a bit of a language barrier but we will try and get more information. For now, check out some more photos of the Road Not Taken products.

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