For 2014, Ergon has the new SME3 Enduro saddle, SRX3 Cyclocross saddle, GE1 Enduro grips, BP100 back protector, and the revamped BA3 pack.

Ergon SME3 Saddle

The new SME3 saddle was ergonomically designed for the Enduro rider, and it uses their flex optimized shell, EVA padding, CrMo or Tinox or Carbon Fiber rails, and a synthetic leather lorica micro-fibre cover. The saddle has a V-Shaped design and is relatively flat, which assists in quick changes from sitting, standing and descending, and the rear uses an anti-friction section to prevent bike shorts from snagging. It comes in three levels (SM3, SM3 Pro, SM3 Pro Carbon) and two widths, and will retail from $70-$200 depending upon the model chosen. The padding and flex optimized shell, V-shape design and middle depression should help with comfort and maneuverability.

Ergon SRX3 Saddle

The SRX3 is their new Cyclocross specific saddle lineup, and it comes in three levels (SRX3, SRX3 Pro, SRX3 Pro Carbon) and one size. The saddle has a long flat section and then has a subtle kicker at the rear to help the rider provide additional power while pedaling. It uses their and it uses their flex optimized shell, EVA padding, CrMo or Tinox or Carbon Fiber rails, and a synthetic leather micro-fibre cover.

Ergon GE1 Grips

The new GE1 grip follows along the design's concepts of their existing GA1 series of grips. The grip was developed for Enduro mountain biking, and it utilizes two rubber compounds for damping purposes and a textured section which works opposite the direction of hand rotation to help for a more secure hold. The ergonomic shape took into account that use of wider handlebars, and that the user holds the grips out at the end and keeps their arms bent. The grips had a nice tactile feel, with enough softness and give for comfort and some robustness for longevity. The aluminum lock-on clamp resides internally to provide more outer width. The GE1 rubber, texture, shape and design should provide good security and decrease fatigue on rough terrain, making for an all-round ergonomic grip. The GE1 comes in blue, red, black and gray, and will retail for $34.95.

Ergon BA3 Pack

The BA3 SuperEnduro pack gets a compartment for optional back protection, which is a safety requirement for European Enduro races. The BA3 pack uses their self-correcting shoulder straps and innovative Adaptive Carrier System, which cradles the load closer to the body for stability and comfort. It has a 15 liter capacity along with a 2 liter expansion, with lots of pockets, sleeves and compartments for storage and organization.

Ergon BP100 Back Protector

The BP100 back protector utilizes a three-layer segmented foam/EPS construction foam, and articulates to conform to the back and body. The BP100 inserts into a separate compartment of the BA3 pack right next to the hydration reservoir, and should provide excellent coverage and protection for the spine during a rollover crash (13.5 kN impact). The BP100 should also fit into other manufactures packs, and at $32 and 140g, it's a light and simple and cheap safety item.