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Intense Spider XVP

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Hi: I'm looking at an Intense Spider XVP frame on sale @ Jenson USA. I'm interested in riding an Intense for the 2010 season. Some XC racing, a few endurance events. I live in the Midwest so no real gnarly terrain. Any thoughts? THANKS!!! I'm amped about riding a frame made in the USA!
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I've been riding an Intense 5point5 since 2004 and still love my bike. If a four inch travel bike is what you are looking for then you can't go wrong with that Spider. Also at $1000, it's a good deal.

do it

like Ronnie, I've been riding a 5.5 since 04/05ish and its still go strong. (replaced the rear triangle but...ehhh...crashes happen). I bought a Spider for my wife used. She loves it. Since we both ride smalls, on occasion I'll ride her bike if I'm riding much more Xcountry and going for a sprint. Works great. :thumbsup:
I'm very happy with Intense both my 5.5 and Spider. My only complaint with Intense is they continue to refuse to send me Tracer for free....
I have a Spider and a 6.6. Love them both. The Spider is an awesome singletrack carving machine that climbs like a billy goat on crack. Makes a killer XC race bike. Go for it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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