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Intense should petition Fox for a 36-29er version

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With the advent of the Intense Tracer 29er, coupled with Niner's WFO, Lenz's Lunchbox, etc...Maybe it's enough to get Fox on board the long travel 29er bandwagon. I know my measly attempts at Interbike to persuade them haven't done much in the past 2 years.

:smallviolin: Please Jeff, lead us in this crusade to enlighten the Fox Racing Shox Co. into producing a 36 29er (I don't care which version frankly) in the near future.
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I sent an E-mail to Fox asking for any new info for the 2010 year and all they said was "We release info sometime around Sea Otter for our new stuff". Neither confirmation nor denial of anything in the works.

Hope it happens soonish.

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