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Hi Everyone, I'm new here. Bought a Intense Carbine 275 carbon bike few months ago, recently only i found out the BB part of the frame got a deep scratches.

Anyone have the same problem? I'm using shimano XT 3x10 crank. attached is the photo that show the scratches.

The bike shop staff told me is normal for this model, is the sand that make the scratch while riding,(even i ask one of my friend that having the same bike also have a same problem but don't know it until i show it to him) when i ask the solution from the staff, they ask me to change the crank set.

Why in the first place they sell it with the Shimano Deore XT groupset if it is not suitable for the frame? Can i ask for warranty exchange??

Please, can anyone help?

Thank you.


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I switched my carbine to a 24T granny and it cleared the bb so you can try that and it's much cheaper than buying a new crankset and easier than removing the bb and pressing it back in.
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