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Intense 951 - Signal Blue...........?

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Hi All, just a quick Q to see if any of you guys/als can shed light on this for me. I've ordered a 951 in Signal Blue, as it looked awesome, bright deep blue in the pics on the Intense website like this:

The same as the Signal Blue that went on the Socoms:

But since seeing some of the recent posts (below) these look lighter/paler slightly more turquoise and not as deep?

Any help on this would be awesome, as if the Signal blue isn't as i thought, i'd change my order to the red, as i've seen the red in person and its awesome. (but i prefer the blue if its bright + deep). (But i'd have to be quick!!:eekster: )

Huge thanks.

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The pic of the 951 in blue is the bike of a friend of mine, pic was taken with a mobile Phone, so the quality of the pic is crap, I wouldn't use it a a color reference.

Here is a pic of the same bike in better quality, the blue looks a lot better in that one.
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Thanks for that, definitely looks better there, so is it quite a bright deep blue in person then?

Oh, and nice huck by the way, Dh race i'm assuming?
Thanks Christiaan, thats definitely a bit more like, it, good looking bike too! Similar set up to me too with white boxers (Team/WC?)!

I guess i figured Jeff is way too busy with the running of Intense to bother with my trivial query.
Its also hard as everyone has a different idea of what a bright/deep blue is. The pics at the top of my post still look the deepest to me, but the above one from Christiaan is definitely better than the one in front of the van!!

I guess i'm just hesitant as its a lot of money to spend, and i wanna make sure i like the colour. I've never seen the Signal blue but have seen the Intense Red which looks great.... so am wondering if should change to Red if the blue isn't going to be the deep blue i'm after. hmmmm.......prob too late now anyway!?

Thanks again, and any more pics, or just descriptive feedback would be awesome. Thanks,
No descriptive feedback from me, other than that is a great choice of colour! With the white Boxxers & wheels it looks superb. Have you got your order in already? I heard there were a ton of UK orders & only a few frames coming over here so far.
Btw, I've had a quick play in photoshop & I think the white balance is most accurate in the top picture (stands to reason really, Jeff has a sweet camera!), so my money would be on that one being the most accurate representation of the colour. Most recent pic looks great but colour temp is a bit cool I think.
Pedalhead, huge thanks, thats good to know!!! (And luckily, exactly what i wanted to hear!)

I got my order in the day it was announced, so i'm hoping it'll be here soon, but its only smalls over here at the moment apparently, EAT is early July, which is cool, as i'll be at the mega next week, then off to Barcelona for the week after, it'll fly by, and hopefully i'll get back home to find my new frame sitting in the shop!!!
Yeah the wait is always hard, but you've got a nice way to fill the time there! My Uzzi frame is finally at the shop so should be riding it within a couple of weeks with any luck :)
this is real close to the signal blue color, this color has a clear coat so it has a nice gloss & shoul wear well.


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clear coat!?

Absolutely stunning!

OG, relax, this is a hell of a colour! Still trying to decide for my own 951: team green or blue??

Jeff: you're saying THIS colour has a clear coating ... does that imply the others don't have a coating?

Thanks for the response Jeff - much appreciated!! I think thats put my mind at rest now, that pic looks great, and with my pewter chris king bits i reckon it'll look lovely!!

Just got to decide now, do i wait for our crap importers (Fishers) to get some 2010 Team Boxxers in, or do i just spend the xtra £400 ($600) and get some 40's.....? If our crap UK Importers can get those also i suppose. Hmmm....

PS. Zuzi, i'd be tempted to go green if i had the choice again, but the blue looks sick and am well happy! Tough choice.
hey man, i just ordered the same bike as you, the colour should be sick!
what forks,build are u getting etc?
Pretty much transferring my current Slopestyle build, with a few new bits to suit the 951.

951 with Fox RC4 or maybe CCDB. New Team Boxxers (White), new 83mm Saint Cranks (But older style '08), new Chris King rear hub to match current hubs. Pewter. New Truvativ Direct Mount stem.
Then its Saint mech and shifter, Avid Codes 8", Chris King 1.5" Headset, Mavic 729's and DTSwiss spokes/nips, Thomson Elite Seatpost, Easton Monkey Bars, DMR grips (Personal fav) SDG Bel Air Ti saddle. Diety Decoy pedal and Lifesaver end caps. Maxxis tyres to suit. MRP System 3 (May change).

Going to be another 5 weeks at least apparently. ho hum......
yeah sounds sweet, it will be worth the wait! Ill have mine by the 8th!
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