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A friend bought 2019 Instinct A50, green and live orange color that he really liked. He saved his $$$ and sold his old bike to afford the Instinct, and was willing to pay some more for a Rocky Mountain bike, because of the brand's quality and reputation.

A few weeks ago RM announced a voluntary safety recall of certain 2018 – 2020 alloy Instinct, Instinct BC and Pipeline front triangles.

My friend's bike was among the bikes that needed the front triangle replacement, so RM dealer had it replaced.
When he went to collect his bike, he did not recognize it, was SHOCKED and just could not belive his eyes! The original green and orange front triangle that he loved so much was replaced with a gray-black one.
This gray-black does not fit the green rear triangle. the two colors do not match and the bike looks now like it's made of two different bikes.
He is affraid that no one would buy his bike in the future.

It looks like RM made only one front triangle for all the bikes that needed the recall, regardless the bike color or MY. Color Instructions_2018_2019_ENG.pdf

Is there anything he can do about it? He just feels it's not his bike anymore, he is upset and very disappointed from RM. It's OK to have a recall, these things happen, but why didn't RM made the original color front triangles? They have a color codes for sure, so why making only this gray-black one :confused::confused::confused:

The bike before :)


And after :madman:


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I think it’s actually an improvement. But I can see his point.
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