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Ok, so maybe I'm an idiot. Afterall, the last bike worked on (and rode) had a U brake, thumb shifters and the new index shifting stuff from this fishing stuff company, Shimano Deore XT.

Anyway, I got the XTR crank for my Blur. I go to install it, but don't find part no. Y-1F3 16000 "ring" (part no. 5 on the exploded diagram. Where the heck is this ring? Well, the seller (thanks, Maurice), tells me it's an O ring, not really a spacer, and it's already installed on the preload adjuster and the crank arm. Closer look with the glasses on, and knowing what I'm looking for, and sure enough, there it is. It looks a lot bigger in the picture.

So, if my dunderheadedness saves one of you a little bother, I'm glad for that.


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