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installing new shock

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i am in need of a new shock and i am wondering if i can do the install myself. if i keep my current headset; can i just take the old shock off, cut the new shock the same size as the old one and then install it? if not what do i need to do and what tools do i need? thanks
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I assume you mean fork...

Assuming you mean fork, you've got the right idea. The 2 critical steps are cutting the steerer tube to length and installing the headset race. The later you can have a bike shop do or do it yourself.

Cutting the steerer tube is easy you just need a hacksaw and file. Some use pipe cutters but you have to be careful to remove any edge the cutter leaves.

Pressing the race on can be done by tapping it on with a hammer and tap or using a press. I made a press from a 2" PVC pipe and a bar clamp. Most bike shops will do this for you if you're not sure of your mechanical skills.

You may have to remove the race from an existing fork which requires tapping it off with a hammer and tap...
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