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install kit for fox float rp23

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Could anyone give me an idea where I can obtain an install kit for a Fox Float rp23. I intend to put the shock on a Voodoo Canzo. The top gap on my frame is 50mm x 6mm and the bottom measures in at 25.4mm x 6mm. I never thought that it would be a problem finding the hardware, but I have not had any luck so far. Thanks, Scott
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oldskoolbiker said:
These will work, but they are out of the 25.4.

Have you tried calling Fox? You can probably buy direct from them.
Thanks for the info; I am not sure how I missed them at Universal. It is a bummer that they are out of the size that I need, I will give Fox a call today.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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