Insta360's second micro-size Go camera offers improved image quality and an innovative remote control charging case, similar to the Apple Airpods case. This improves usability for shooting videos beyond 30-second social clips. It's not for everyone, but the Insta360 Go 2 is perfect for vlogs or as a second-action camera that you can take virtually everywhere. But is it good enough for creating mountain biking videos?

  • Waterproof down to 4m to the IPX8 standard.
  • Longer clip recording.
  • Improved stabilization
  • 120fps slow motion
  • Increased bitrate to 80Mbps
  • Increased usable storage to 28GB
  • Horizon lock stabilisation
  • Replacement lens protector
  • $299 msrp

  • Much-improved image quality over the predecessor
  • Handy protective charger case with built-in tripod
  • The case also acts as a wireless remote
  • Battery or memory cannot be upgraded or swapped.
  • In-camera stabilization not at GoPro level
  • Gets hot in use when not much airflow is available
  • Shorter battery life than other action cameras

At the end of the day if you are looking for an unobtrusive camera to capture your rides the GO 2 is worth a look. Its wearable usability and 'lifestyle' angle is the true selling point. If using mainly for biking and action videos, it's not a great solution. The phone is also a better tool for quick videos and uploads.

But if one wants an unobtrusive camera that is wearable, mounts anywhere, and is ready for action, the Insta360 Go 2 is a viable solution. The good news is Insta360 has an impressive array of cameras that will fit the needs of most video creators

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