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I'm feeling dirty, you?
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I think I'm in the right sub-forum for this kind of post.

I don't post much nowadays on MTBR, nor do I actually take photos during rides either; but here's a simple little photo thread of a ride.

- 08JUN09
- Ride: 0430-0720
- Photos taken: 0520-0600

- Camera: Canon Powershot A570IS compact
- CHDK, Gorillapod SLR
- Program Auto and Shutter Priority modes
- Long exposures are between 6-15 seconds, usually 10 seconds.

- Bike: Giant Option
- 44:14 Magic Gear, ideally 44:16 but I would have a super saggy chain even with a half-link.
(I've since changed the straps on my toe clips to loop farther back on the pedal for more coverage)

I wanted to post more photos in the thread but the photos are huge and don't know how to link thumbnails or smaller photos from my MTBR gallery album. So here's the album link: .

Again, sorry for the oversized photos in the thread.

Next time I might bring along a bigger tripod, and maybe later in the future borge together a camera mount for my bike/pannier rack to do a timelapse video of another one of my insomniac bike rides. Got my GPS track logger working today, might try experimenting with geo-tagging.

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beautiful....i love riding at night. people always ask me why do you ride at night?i tell them in therapeutic and freeing.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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