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Pic Friday made my guys and your bikes are amazing!

Since I'm stuck in the house I thought I would start a "Inside Thread". This was delivered an hour after I got home, I purchased it before I got sick, it was a fun package to open.
It is a NOS 1992 Giro HammerHead SC with "Jungle Jim" graphics.

Lets see what you have "inside".


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Besides following the drama of this place , one of the benefits of hanging out on vrc is developing friendships and trading that cool vrc part you have for the much needed vrc part someone else has that you need. Yesterday I recieved a few much anticipated finishing touch parts for my dirt drop project. In return I have this sitting on my desk here at work going the other way:

Although not against it, I always find pleasure in trading parts as opposed actually buying them outright.

Glad things are going a little better Shawn.
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