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Input please....

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I am looking to start training for some MTB races .... I have only done one race in my years of casual riding, and it was kind of humbling (it was an endurance race 2 months typically ride maybe once a week on average, but have decided to step it up to 1 day of roady work and 2 days of dirt work per week... So I got a Garmin 500 w\ cadence and HR last week.... Took it out last night and put in a hard effort on one of my usual quick rides..... my problem is I have no idea of how to really evaluate it, I am 39 years old, and it appears as if I was at or above my max HR the entire time (average), should I be concerned with that? I guess I am looking for some knowledgeable input on evaluating the entire data package to better myself in time... Any input would be greatly appreciated, or direction to some published data?


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you need to ride 3 times per week for an hour at a time on the road. this will build your endurance.

do your mtb rides on the weekends to keep you skills sharp.

after 3 to 4 months of this type of training post back here and you'll get more specifics on how to train.

you need a good base before you begin other types of workouts.

after about a month of this training you will/should feel the rewards on the trail/races.

just my $.02.
I agree with the poster above. Do a lot of base training on the road because it's easier on the bike and a bit easier to recover. Using a HRM is ok because it will let you see how you progress and how long you can sustain a faster HR.
Just ride ride and ride some more...where you feel that you need to get on the bike to survive.
Make a plan - write it down - adjust as needed. And rest days can be just as important as training days!

I agree with the road bike - I really can't believe how much faster I can climb on a MTB once I started riding a road bike. And building a base is much easier with a road bike!
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