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input needed for xmas list

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Okay heres the deal i decided im getting all new riding equipment. I have nothing i really want for xmas this year becuase i have the means of getting my new dh bike nxt yr, so i thought why not just get some knew stuff?

I need some input on what kind of:

Pressure suits-(rockgardn or 661?)
Full Face-
w/e is a nessesary
shoes perhaps?-

hopefully all for under 400-550?

I have done quite alot of looking around and just want to see what everyone else likes and all that stuff.

thx in advance :)
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Wow, I am making the same thread but a bit more general. Good luck.
0. shoes (if you don't own shoes I would recommend them, you can even walk around better with shoes on)(just emphasizing that you don't need anything special)
1. bike
2. helmet
3. gloves
4. shorts (if you got nothing for trail riding.
5. shin/knees
6. Goggles (got glasses? goggles are okay for rallying whistler but you want glasses for almost everything else, just be sure you understand how unpleasant overheating with goggles on is. I screwed up and I now have 2 pairs of goggles that I only ever use for ski lift access, for everything I now rock Smith Theory Max glasses and I have no complaints).
7. Jeresy (sure, but don't call it a necessity)
8. Body Armor (not sure which you will use less, the body armor or the goggles, really a low priority but is good to have up in whistler or other bike parks.

A lot of these Items are all about fit. We may be able to tell you about the construction quality but you would benefit most from trying a few on. I do recommend having a pack to ride with too. I have a dakine apex, dakine nomad, and whatever the small one is called. I recommend the nomad, Its pretty much the only one I ever use. That way you can carry your FF helmet, your armour, your water and food, and tools and tubes. If you want to throw some cash down you can look for the deutor (or whatever they are called) because they have a sick mesh standoff for the back.
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If you have the money and the means, I would say get a full matching Troy Lee Designs kit (including helment, jersey, gloves, and shorts). This satisfies several of your options. I have to say there is not too much that looks better coming down the mountain than a rider in full matching TLD.
RobsterCraw said:
I now have 2 pairs of goggles that I only ever use for ski lift access,
can i have one? ;)

if you're gonna get a fullface, make sure you get one that vents well... i learned that the hard way.
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