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injured for years now healthy again and ready to buy a new bike

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Hey, im new here so bear with me, i was injured a few years back and had to stop riding, now that im healthy and fixed and back up to %110 im looking at a nice bike, my LBS shopkeep was helpful, she got me looking into a kona stinky great entry level bike look solid as hell, but shes gunna try to get me into the 05' stinky new components and a single color scheme, but what i wanted to know is who has a stinky and what do you think of it, is it a reliable bike is it going to be well suited to me im almost 6 feet tall and weight 165lbs i pland on riding this thing real hard but i also wanna be able to cruise around town too, is there anything that i should cvhange on it or what some general reviews would be nice or general suggestions or comments would be great thanks

by the way has anyone seen the new stinky '05..........i havea picture on my computer of it if anyone wants to see it i could post it
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how i got broken

a few years back i was riding thru a fairly easy section of crazy banked switchbacks well i was goint a lil too fast for one threw my bike into a slide to try and even myself out but didnt worki hit slid over the bank and basically rode on my knee the whole way down and eventually hitting a large rock stopped me, i spent alot of time in physiotherapy medications, luckly no surgery was needed, but about 2 years afterwards i was ready to get back into it.......just my luck i hurt the same knee again snowboarding, i was boardsliding a rail and fell into the stairs destroyed my board and yeah that was a lil worse but 2 more years later and 1 year at golds gym 2-4 times a week my knees are stronger than they have ever been, part of my decision to buy a bike and get back into it was i spent the last year and a half as a British Columbian Forest Firefighter and ive seen some extreme spots that i would love to do some insane riding in some pretty remote areas that i know like the back of my if anytime after august (thats when my bike comes in) someone wants to go for a cruise with me and a few friends in the kamloops B.C area drop me a line at [email protected]
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Yup no joke Grey Co contracting thats the company i work for and yeah bad luck indeed, as far as calling it aching, well thats an understatement to say the least its more of a burning that consumes me more and more each day and the one thing that can put it out is still 28 days away :( :( :( but i have her picture and i look at it every day and im praying that my local LBS patron will be a god and manage to get her hands on an 05 stinky in 28 days

here she is, i really hope i can get this, the 04' stinky is cool......but look at that, is that not a nice bike?
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ohhh yeah big drool factor for me here, counting down the days still cant wait, should i get a chainguide for it, i like them lil wheels theyre cool
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