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Information on this Santa Cruz Heckler

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Right, i'm planning on buying a Santa Cruz Heckler (frame only) and i have found this,

Firstly what year is this?
Also what do i need to look out for on this frame, i.e specific areas where cracks may have formed, becuase in its current condition, it looks a lot like some little kid has gone mad with some stickers, it also has a crap paint job.

Also what are the shock sizes that will be able to fit this frame and what would be a reasonable price to offer?

And finally, if i were to get it resprayed, i would proabbly go for orange, bearing in mind i will be building it up with Fox 36's, Sun MTX on Pro II, Avid Juicy 7's, XT groupset etcetc, what would you lot think about that?

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Get a newer model, or at least one with a modern shock on it. Modern coil shocks have far superior damping. If you are considering refinishing it as well, things are going to add up. Better off looking for something closer to what you want.

That frame is from around 2004-2005 if I had to take a quick guess.
thats a weird logo on the downtube.. looks custom made. I concur on the 04-ish year
That bike frame is polished. No paint.
If you're just looking for a frame to build the way you want why not start with a new frame?
You might be able to find a new left over for about as much as you would pay for a used bike
I would be buying it as a frame only mate, read the top.
Don't be afraid to buy the old style Heckler. I bought a great condition polished frame with a 5th element shock. for $400. I then bought a cheap Fox float r and sent it to Push for the full treatment. I love the bike, I ended up riding it more then my Nomad.

If you can't get it at a decent price, the above poster(s) are right about newer frames with updated shocks. I have seen practically new frames selling for $800. or less.
That looks the same frame as mine, '04 or 05. Look out for small cracks in the bearing clamps where the bolts are. That's a sign that it's due for some attention. A new Propack from SC would be a good idea.
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