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I have a pair of Crossmax SL wheels on my SS (pictured) and they're great, but I'm tempted to get some I9 Ultralite wheels. Does anybody have any experience with both these wheelsets, and other than aesthetics, are there meaningful differences between the wheels when riding?


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Even for a geared bike there is a VAST difference.

Mavics - poor quality stock bearings, they stop quickly if you spin the wheel
THE worst freehub design on the market, and only 2 pawls
Low spoke count leads to v.buckled wheel if one breaks
Wheel is known to go 'floppy' after 18months of use

I9 - 3 or 6 pawls in freehub (up to 120 engagement points)
Solid freehub design
100g + lighter than SL's (Ultralites w/ZTR 355 rim)
Decent quality stock bearings
A choice of rims and colours for a bit of customisation.

I have my ultralites on the 575 (which is really a long travel XC bike for me). Really good wheels, and haven't had problems with buckles.
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