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Hi everyone, this is my current ride: Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Tire Bicycle wheel Wheel

As you can probably guess by looking at the bike, I used to be into dirt-jumping as a lad. Now, after 4 years of living abroad and being away from mountain biking (although I kept my skills and legs strong as a commuter), I've lost my taste for big air and broken bones.

I've been hitting the local XC trails several times a week and have been having a blast, even on this 13-inch, 32lb bruiser. More importantly, after just a few months of singlespeed riding, I noticed I'm smoother, faster, and stronger than I ever have been. Probably a similar story for most of you.

Anyway, my back has started hurting before my legs and I'm taking that as a sign that you shouldn't ride XC on a oversized BMX bike. I'm 5'10'' with a 32'' inseam.

Size: Initially I thought I wanted a 16", but now I'm pretty sure I need 18". I like a small-feeling bike, but I also want room for climbing even with a short stem.

Carry-over parts: I will reuse my wheels/tires, brakes, drivetrain, and handlebar/stem/grips.

New parts:
Inbred frame
Fork - used 100mm Rockshox or Fox from eBay. ideally a Reba.
Avid Speed dial 7 levers
Charge Spoon saddle
FSA Orbit MX headset
Halo Hex skewers
On-one seatpost and clamp

To deal with the rear BB7 problem, I'll just put my 185 front rotor on the rear, and order a 180mm post adapter and 180mm rotor for the front. A little funny, but it avoids having a wrong-size (180 or 183) rotor in the rear, while putting the front on the more common 180mm standard.

Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks for reading! I'm planning to order everything but the fork this weekend. I'll wait for a great deal on a used high-end fork instead of grabbing something cheaper and newer.

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Sounds good. You will need a brake adapter for the 185 rear. I always tell people to get the seat clamp from OnOne cause the size is a bit hard to find but you have that covered. If you are ordering from the UK they will install the headset for you cheaper than a bike shop.

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It's still right at 28lbs though, no doubt because of those burly azonic outlaws. For those interested, the frame was 2534 grams. 18"

The fork is an ebay find - new old stock (2010?) Axon Werx ELD. ELD means electronic lockout, which is the ugly wire wrapped around my brake cable. The whole system adds about 250g by my estimation and I don't really use lockout, so I may try to remove it as a future project.
Otherwise the fork seems stiff and supple, but I have yet to really test its durability. For now, I'm pretty excited about getting a 1650g, 100mm travel, 15mm axle fork for $200.

Other parts:
Avid Speed Dial + BB7
FSA Orbit MX
Gusset saddle
Gusset lightweight front rotor
KMC Rustbuster chain (we'll see)
Race Face single ring
Kore 45mm stem
Funn riser bars (31.8mm)

Heavy old stuff:
26" Azonic Outlaw wheelset
Truvativ V-Drive cranks (170mm)
Truvativ Giga Pipe BB
Weyless BMX pedals

32x18 gearing

Not the lightest, but cheap and should be tough as nails.


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