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In the Rochester area?

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So, I'm having a bit of trail burnout...anyone willing to fess up their fav ride? I usually hit Spencer, Letchworth (loooong drive for me to do regularly) or east to Bear Swamp. Just need some new scenery...

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Ontario County Park. A bit on the short side, but a lung busting climb. I think on the other side is a boy scout campground that you can get permits to ride on as well. Right down the road from Ski Valley. I usually start at the bottom, ride up and blast back down.
dog, where about do you live and how far are you looking to travel ? 5-10-15 miles ? Have you tried Tryon ?
Hey...I just moved to Rochester...I've been taking summer classes at RIT, so I've hardly rode at all, but where are some good places to ride?? I've been to Letchworth and Spencer...anywhere else that might be closer? I'll be done with classes in about 3 weeks, so I'd like to find out some nice places to go!!
k2katie said:
where are some good places to ride??
Spencer is one of my staples. For something nearby you could check out Tryon park.. but if you catch the wrong time/day they need traffic lights in there :) Ontario Cty Park & Camp Cutler are good too, but south of the city. Also near there, are Stid Hill and some trails on the state land in Naples.

I believe this site has some decent maps....
unfortunately all the good stuff at tryon got ripped down and the place kinda stinks... does anyone know of any good freeride stuff to ride around on in the rochester area. I'm looking for like BMX style jumps, log rides, stunts, or just some crazy XC stuff with some drops and fun down hills.

all of you looking for XC stuff (not my thing but its fun to do once in a while) try the hi tor mult. use area down in naples ... kinda a drive but there is some crazy stuff down there.
k2katie, tryon is right up on the edge of the city, less than 10 miles from RIT, lots of hills, kinda wet after the weather we've had, but usually a good ride. As for the "stunts" being torn down, it's way better than the county closing off the park, (which was their 1st choice) The "stunts" were poorly made hap-hazard junk for the most part.
Ellison Pk Trailhead to Tryon route??

I went exploring yesterday and found what I think is an entrance from the Ellison Park Trailhead on Empire Blvd (about 50 paces east of froggies bar and grill that) will take you all the way to tryon. There is white paint on the trees marking this trail on a ridge at southern end of the Trailhead that looks like the same white paint marking trails at Tryon. The trail follows a ridge above the marshes along the south end of the Bay and heads towards Tryon. I'm gonna try it out this weekend. Damn no sunlight after 5pm now.

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