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In memory of Brainstump

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Hi Everyone, I am Chris's wife. I want to start out By saying, My husband's

passion for mountain biking was great. He often talked about you guys to me he

loved his MTB site. He talked about the rides he had gone on with some of you

and I am glad he was able to get to know you a bit. He also would talk about all

the ups and downs here on this site. He Admired some of you such as Sean Allen,

and spoke of the friends he made here. Making friends was never an easy

thing for him to do he was a very shy person. You here on MTB were his only

friends. I am grateful he found MTB. Sunday June 14, 2009 was his last trek into the

wonderful world of Mountain Biking He died in the afternoon on the bike trail

Near Walerga. We don't know what happened to him. He had abrasions and bruises on

his face and his blood tester was found next to him open and he was unconscious.

I know he would have wanted to post his ride in motion based even if it was just

his 2 hour recovery ride from Friday. I just want to let you all know that you

made a difference in 1 life. Chris was a great man passionate about many things.

and The best husband ever. I loved him dearly. He could never be replaced. I

hope you all remember him fondly in one way or another. This is in memory of the man I love. His wife Fran
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So sorry for your loss.

Here's to better days ahead.
Oh god.

Fran I am so sorry. I'm having a hard time dealing with loss, it isn't fun, there are no words...

I hope you have a support system, friends, coworkers, anyone. That has been the only thing that is helping me.

I never met him and don't know the circumstances surrounding him, but it sounds like he was doing what he loved when he went, and that's about all a person could ask for.

My condolences and best wishes for you and your families!
Sorry for your loss.
I'm speechless. I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm very sad for your loss

and hope that things get better soon. I've taken the liberty of x posting this on the Norcal board, where Chris posted most of the time.

Good luck, Fran, we're all sorry for you tremendous loss.

Is this real? Brainstump is gone? I think I'll come back and post later on. Very sorry to hear this. :(
Hello Fran -- I'm very sorry for your loss. I didn't know Chris very well, but me and some friends from Folsom met him on the Tahoe Rim Trail last year as we were attempting to ride the whole thing from Mt. Rose through Mr. Toad's. We bumped into him at about the half-way mark, and we rode much of the remainder of the way in together. I recall him being funny, down-to-earth, and we were happy and welcomed to have him join up with our group. I was able to complete the ride with him as I had to bail early at Starr Lake. But he pushed on and I believe he ended up finishing the ride late, in the dark. I'm glad I had the chance to meet him.

Thank you for letting us know and my sincerest condolences. When I ride the Tahoe Rim Trail again later this year I'll be thinking of Chris for sure.

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Very sorry for your loss. Chris was a great guy. I have fond memories of my farewell ride at South Yuba and riding in the snow with him. He will surely be missed.
So sorry...

Chris was a good soul and an inspiration to me. His own perseverance despite the odds has taught me how to dig deeper when I felt like quiting. He will be missed.
Sorry for your loss. I know how it hurts.
I’m terribly sorry to hear of your loss.
Just a few days ago Chris gave me some pointers and a few motion based maps on where to go ride near Strawberry/Kyburz.
I’ll be sure to hit those trails and take a moment to remember Chris.
I'm very sorry for your loss.

My deepest condolences to you and your family.
oh no......super nice dude.......i am so very sorry for the loss to you and your family.....he will be missed and remembered

I'm shocked, I always enjoyed riding with Chris, he had a great passion of the sport and life, I can't believe I'll never see him again.

RIP Chris
Condolences to you, Fran, and the rest of your family. I find a little comfort in knowing that Chris was able to find joy and passion in his life by doing something we all here take very close to heart. We are all connected by a passion for bicycles and the outdoors - and ultimately, by the reality that our time here is all too brief. This tragic news is a reminder for me to be more aware and appreciative of every moment I have. I will take Chris' memory on my next ride.
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