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Fake or not fake GT

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This guy I know tells me he's selling a GT with $1800 worth of upgrades. He sends me the pics and without looking at the drivetrain side of it, I suspect it's not a real GT full suspension based on the frame design.

But here's other reasons I don't think it's $1800 worth of upgrades even without it being an authentic GT bike:

1. No quick release in the back, just a hex wrench.
2. Rear shock probably only has preload adjustment, if that.
3. Front fork is an RS Judy fork on it.
4. The QR front skewer looks pretty cheap.
5. If you look at the back of the chain ring, it has that flimsy plastic bashguard you see on lots of department store bikes.
6. This guy can't tell me if the parts are Shimano or Sram, just "top of the line". Acera is top of the line?
7. I sent GT a picture of this bike and customer service replied same day it isn't a real GT bike!
8. Wellgo pedeals....not really going to bring the upgrade price up $1800.

My suspicions are correct, this is a fake GT bike, right?

The real insult is that he has seen my 13' Sensor 9R Comp, 96' LTS-1 and 96' RTS-3 and he is trying to pass a fake GT onto me. He must not realize I love GT bikes, especially the dual suspensions! I'm buying a 2014 Zaskar 9R next month!


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I remember seeing that frame, the brushed copper look, either in Walmart or when a commuting low-wage worker rode past. It is one of those big-box store Chinese made bicycle-shaped-objects sold by any number of possible companies:

and many more.....

If I had time I would do a Google image search and find the same bike to show to the miscreant who is trying to sell this off as a GT. This guy who is offering this is a bullsh*t artist of the lowest caliber. He should have that boat anchor tied to his feet and both him and the BSO thrown into some deep water for trying to scam like this.

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Found another GT imposter!

Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Tire Bicycle fork

There's the GT LTS, RTS and I guess the POS! Found this for sale on an Offerup for $140 then the next day the ad was gone. Sad for the person that bought it a GMC Topkick bike in disguise.
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