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Had my first flat since March on Saturday, and I ride my bike a fair amount.

I've done some research which indicated that you can use regular tires without tubes on UST rims. Well, after 4 hours of trying to mount a Conti Vert Pro on my Mavic Xmax rims, I finally just threw a damn tube in the front. The floor in the garage has suspicious puddles of Stan's sealant everywhere, and my heart rate got higher trying to pump the tire than it does on most rides. I refuse to pay upwards of $60 for the UST version, but I hate tubes. I want to run another Conti on the rear, but right now have a tubeless 2.1 IRC Serac on the rear (my favorite XC tire, but a little narrow) since pinch flats rarely occur on the front tire. I'm considering springing for a UST conti for the rear, but my debit card is nearly transparent at this point.

Which brings me to another question: Rear tire choice. To be used for XC trail riding on loose Colorado rocks and sand.

Michelin Hot S 2.2 or Conti Vert Pro 2.3? discuss.
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