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Magura safety recall

MAGURA Durin Race 80/100

Magura USA today announced that long term product testing has revealed a structural flaw in the lower leg assembly of the Durin Race 80 and 100mm suspension forks. The recall only affects early production runs of the fork. If your fork is found to be within the recall serial numbers please do not use it from this point forward. Further use of this product may result in failure and pose a possible risk of danger to the user.

Durin Race forks affected by the recall will be identified by their serial numbers. Durin Race serial numbers can be entered and checked on a specific web page dedicated to the recall. Follow the recall link on home page.

Once a fork is identified as a recalled product, it must be sent to Magura USA headquarters in Olney, Illinois for repair. Not all Durin Race forks are affected by this recall so it is essential to check your serial number on the site. Direct link to check serial number.
Magura is committed to ensuring that this recall is conducted as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support and understanding.
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