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Impending snow is a helluva thing

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went out and got a sled for some family fun
mountaingoatepics said:
Taking my lady ice skating tonight...should be a beautiful thing.
If you skate at the same level. Otherwise, it can be embarrassing.:eek:
went out for 4hrs today. should ease the itch until the snow melts.

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Where was that, nomit? Nice picture with a backdrop that makes me thankful I live in Colorado.
1/2 mile east of gold hill, iirc. that climb up sunshine canyon is a bear.
Looking forward to some snowshoeing! Let it snow!:thumbsup:
Got out for a spin on GM this morning before the snow started to fly and found that while it was still frozen, there were many rideable sections.

Here's a look back down the valley while climbing the Rooney Valley trail

Actually had some good, dry singletrack on the south and west facing sides of GM

A look west at the foothills dusted with snow

Found some deer as I tried to explore the north side

On the north side (Summit Loop) I quickly found that this is where the snow was hiding and not packed down enough to ride

It was good to get out early, while still frozen. But the trails are pretty chewed up from those who have been riding in the warmer, melted slop :nono:
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Guyechka said:
If you skate at the same level. Otherwise, it can be embarrassing.:eek:
Yea, no ****, that dumb ***** was flailing around on the ice while I was skating circles around her, BACKWARDS!!
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