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I began mountain biking on Mt Tam in 1986 when I was 16. My buddy and I were regulars on the Thursday night and Sunday morning rides that met in downtown Mill Valley. I started out with a Schwinn Sierra and upgraded components as I could afford them. Pretty soon I was just a wheelset and a frameset away from having two bikes. I eventually rebuilt the Sierra for my campus bike when I went away to college. Of course, buying each component individually is the least economical way to build a bike, but it is the most rewarding. My mom used to give me a hard time for spending every penny I made on bikes, but I have no regrets.

At some point in 1987 I walked into Mike's Bikes in San Rafael, CA and saw this Paramountain frameset on the wall. Initially, I was concerned it would be too small for me, but the more experienced guys I rode with assured me that it would be fine with the right stem and seat post. As it turns out the frame is relatively long and fit me quite well. I'm 5'10". I always loved having lots of stand over clearance which was relatively new to MTB frame design. By far my favorite design feature is the cable free top tube. It is super clean looking and nice on your leg when you're resting. If you tap the top tube with your finger nail, it rings a lovely note. Another particularly nice design feature on the frame is the pump peg behind the seat post. The cable bosses are all shaped like balls. A lot of attention was paid to detail on this hand made frame.

From the beginning (and to my mother's delight) this bike lived in my bedroom. I rode it for 4 years until 1991 when I moved abroad for school. I took a break from cycling until 1999 when I built a new MTB. The Paramountain has always lived indoors and never in a garage. I think I can safely say it has never had so much as a spider web on it.

Everything you see on the bike is original except the tires and rim tape. I rode 2.1" Specialized Hardpacks which were designed by WTB. I could never afford WTB components, but always wished I could. Their office was literally two blocks from my parents' house when I was in High School and I was always in there asking for stickers. I still ride their tires and have 2.4" Moto Raptors on the Paramountain now. There is plenty of clearance and they seem like the best modern tire considering the bike's history. It's also nice to have a fat cushy tire on a rigid bike. At the time, I wanted all black components but this was the best I could do. If I were to change anything at this point, I might replace the black seatpost, stem, and bar with natural aluminum for a truly classic look.

At the time Deore XT was the top of the line Shimano component group, followed by Deore. I think there were two levels below, but I don't remember what they were.

So without further ado, here is the build list and Picasa link:

Frame and Fork: Lugged Tange Prestige tubing
Stem: Salsa
Bar: Generic
Shifters: 7spd Deore XT SIS
Brake levers: Deore XT "2 finger" with dust boots
Grips: Generic hexagonal foam
Headset: Shimano Ultegra 600
Brakes: Richie Cunningham designed Suntour XC Roller Cams
Brake pads: Coolstop
Front Derailleur: Deore
Rear Derailleur: Deore XT short cage
Derailleur Pulleys: Bullseye
Cranks: Deore
Chain Rings: 50, 38, 26
Pedals: Currently SPD, but I need to put the original Suntour XC pedals back on
Toe clips: Gary Fisher double strap
Seat: Selle Italia Turbo
Seat Post: Sun Ringle
Hite Rite: Race Rite, short travel
Wheels: Serial numbered Wheelmith rims laced on Deore hubs (built by Wheelsmith)
Cassette: 12-28t Shimano Ultegra 600

I had difficulty capturing the true color of the frame even with my digital SLR. It is the nicest deep red I can think of and it is not in the least bit faded, pink or orange in color as some of the photos might imply.

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eastcoaststeve said:
Wow, in the last pic, you look just like Ned :p

Seriously though, very nice....

did you just take the whole bike apart? :confused:

I did a minor restoration as my last project before having our first child. Repacked all the bearings and replaced the cables and housing. Cleaned everything up like new. And of course took some nice pics.

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muddybuddy said:
That is clean! :thumbsup:

Just one question. How do you have a bike room with white walls and no tire marks on the walls?
We just bought the place and painted before we moved in. Plus, the bikes that get the most use are hanging on the left and there are tire marks on that wall, plus a nice chip in the paint from a pedal.
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