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IMBA Summit: Lessons Learned

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I returned from the IMBA summit and thought it would be helpfull for us to share what we took away from the conference.

The eye opener for me was how well organized the local mountain bike club WORCA was...they are a a tremendous part of the Whistler Village mountain bike experience.

Not sure if I have the facts straight but in a town of 12,000 people they have 1,000 members who pay $40 per year dues. With additional local community preservation grants, their operating budget is over $100,000 per year. With these funds they have hired full time trail maintainers and other important staff.

Way to go!

I'll add more as I go over my notes...I still havn't un-pack yet.
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Yeh WORCA are amazing, I was in Canada for 3 months on a student exchange and I went in the British Columbia High School XC MTB'ing Provincial Championships which was on a trail made by WORCA, also the day was effectively run by WORCA. The trail was amazing with an awsome variation in terrain ranging from technical root sections to fireroad climbs and descents, and some smalle bridges. Hats off to WORCA they are an amazing organisation
sick4surf said:
their operating budget is over $100,000 per year.
Local club budget is about a $1,000......I can't imagine that budget.
My take aways

What we took away is going to be highly dependant on our individual local situations. For instance we are at a very early stage in both club formation and advocacy in my area. With that in mind...

I learned a things:
  1. Things are glacially slow, so things don't have to be done next week or even next month, you don't have to get stressed about how slow things seem to be going.
  2. Advocacy, particularly political activism, needs to happen before a crisis occurs. Form the relationships with politicians, land owners, land managers, other user groups now. They will pay dividends in the future.
  3. People want to belong to a club that is doing interesting things. Group rides are all well and good, but try to get creative with events.
  4. You are not alone. There are many other groups and individuals doing the same thing and facing the same obstacles. Talk to one another.

The bottom line is that I came away with a clear direction to go, and many good ideas to get where we need to be.
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