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IMBA - Las Vegas Meeting: 01/21/2010

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Do you want more mountain biking opportunities in Southern Nevada?

There are currently several projects under development on public lands in the area that could dramatically improve access to trails, but mountain bikers could be left out due to the absence of a local organization that can speak on behalf of mountain bikers. The time has come to start a local organization that can act as the hub of the mountain bike community, represent our interests to policy makers, and help to make proposed trails a reality.

You are invited to join IMBA's Field Programs Manager Ryan Schutz, along with both IMBA Trail Care Crews, at a meeting to discuss the formation of a new mountain bike advocacy organization in Southern Nevada. IMBA staff will share the essential elements of creating a sustainable club and facilitate a discussion focused on bringing the mountain bike community together for one purpose: To get what you want.

Mountain bike advocacy isn't just trail building and politics. A sustainable mountain bike club thrives on group rides, parties, and other social events that create an active community. There is a role for everyone, whether your interest is in building sweet berms, meeting with policy makers, or throwing a good party. Please join us, and help blaze the way for more great riding in Southern Nevada.

When: 6:30 PM
Thursday, 1/21/2010

Where: Heinrich YMCA
4141 Meadows Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(95 / Valley View)

Who: Anyone that wants to see more trails, better trails, and a stronger mountain biking community in Southern Nevada.
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Very cool meeting last night. :thumbsup:

There were a bunch of people there interested to hear what the IMBA folks had to say. Hell, they ran out of chairs.......... A handful of folks volunteered to get the ball rolling for a local MTB club. Prop's to those folks.

There was a very wide range of riders there from the racer heads, to the DH guys, to the regular guy to the beginner, all there interested in making a strong MTB community stronger.

We are all interested in more singletrack and IMBA has the know-how to get it. Southern Nevada has a ton of open space that can potentially have trails on them. But, we gotta get organized to take advantage it, though.

Keep your ears peeled for some more communication on this. :D

Good meeting indeed! I'm pretty excited in getting involved. I wanted to be the trail mom, but I think someone already has that spot spoken for;) Lookin forward to the next meeting.
Dang it, how did I miss this???? :madman:

Is there another meeting scheduled?

I did the IMBA trail work day a few years ago and would like to get further involved.
slomo said:
Dang it, how did I miss this???? :madman:

Is there another meeting scheduled?

I did the IMBA trail work day a few years ago and would like to get further involved.
There's been a committee already set up to start sending everyone e-mails and get people who want to be involved. PM me your e-mail and I'll be sure and forward the info along. From the looks of it, we'll probably have another one in a week or two.

And if anyone else is interested, PM me and I'll put you on my list of people to get the info out to.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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