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Very exciting news for SoCal. IMBA awarded Sycamore Canyon in Riverside the opportunity to offer a trail building clinic. There are minimal spots open for the trail class, but there is plenty of room still for the club care evening this Thursday the 17th.

It will be held at the Jenson USA Riverside location. 1615 Eastridge Ave Riverside, CA 92507

The Club Care Clinic is aimed at individuals and clubs that promote mountain biking and can get involved in trail advocacy. A few MTBR members as well as Team Dirty Work members have already helped with some Sycamore Canyon Park clean ups and are attending the Trail building class as well. The goal with the Club Care evening is to show IMBA the amount of support there is in Socal. If we get a good turn out they are more than willing to come back out to different trail networks. :thumbsup:

Club Care as described by IMBA:
Overview: A key element of building sustainable trails is ensuring that there will be a community committed to the trails' existence. The Club Care Presentation is designed to teach advocates and volunteers how to effectively organize in order to accomplish club goals. Based on the Crews' experience teaching hundreds of volunteer groups how build better trails through grassroots organization and advocacy, they will share techniques that advocacy organizations across the country have used to reach goals, overcome challenges, improve land access and grow the mountain bike community. This presentation helps effective clubs learn what they could be doing even better (such as growing leadership base), as well as teaches developing clubs how to structure their organization, motivate existing members and attract new volunteers and members.
Key topics: Building a community around a common goal, goal setting, increasing community participation in your club, cultivating new leadership, communications basics, events planning and marketing, tips and tricks for creating a strong and effective non-profit organization.

Please post up if you are interested or drop me a line at [email protected]

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