The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has launched its most widespread effort ever to directly fundraise for the expansion, improvement and accessibility of mountain biking in the backyards of millions of people.

The IMBA Dig In Campaign is an effort to raise funds for approved mountain bike projects being undertaken by IMBA chapters. For 2017, this means 68 trail and bike park projects in 31 states. From California to Illinois to Georgia and everywhere in between, each of these projects is a success story for mountain bikers. See all the projects at

IMBA Dig In Campaign

Corvallis, Oregon's Team Dirt and OSURF have been working in tandem to build the first mountain bike-specific trail in the research forest.​

"These projects are a product of the hard work of dedicated volunteer mountain bikers who are making their communities better through trails," said Dave Wiens, IMBA Executive Director. "It is our pleasure to introduce a campaign all across the country that supports mountain biking, mountain bikers and trails."

This campaign supports 500 miles of new trails, the maintenance of 140 miles more, 10 new bike parks and/or pumptracks and four trails that will specifically serve the growth of National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) high school mountain bike racing. Individuals can support the campaign through December 31 in several ways:

  • Give where they ride, making a tax-deductible donation directly to their chosen project.
  • Make one donation to be divided equally among all 68 projects.
  • Shop with one of IMBA's corporate partners giving back a portion of profits to Dig In.

IMBA Dig In Campaign

The DTE Energy Foundation Trail is a planned, five-loop 20-plus-mile flow trail system conceived by the Potawatomi Mountain Biking Association.​

In addition to individual contributions, IMBA is raising money from the bicycle industry and will distribute those funds equally among all 68 projects.

IMBA believes mountain biking changes lives and wants to change as many lives as possible. IMBA is also committed to significantly accelerating the pace of new trail builds over the next five years. The Dig In Campaign represents just one element of the organization's step toward new efforts to reach, engage and directly support the broader mountain biking community.

From Pittsburgh to California (nine projects in California, alone), a great many of the Dig In projects are part of systems that are 15-or-more miles in length (including a 93-mile trail project in Ohio), and represent the culmination of decades of passionate advocacy work plus massive fundraising and community-building efforts. There are also classic underdog stories of groups succeeding against years of anti-mountain bike sentiment. For example: Team Dirt, IMBA's chapter in Corvallis, Oregon, is raising funds for some of the area's first sanctioned singletrack.

IMBA Dig In Campaign

The Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization was recently approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to build 6 new miles of trails.​

Special thanks to REI, FOX Racing Shox, CLIF, G-Form, SRAM, Niner Bikes and PeopleForBikes for seeding the Dig In Campaign. IMBA recognizes Headsweats, Showers Pass, Shredly, Orange Mud and ZOIC for donating a portion of sales during the campaign to Dig In projects. IMBA also thanks MTB Project for hosting a fundraising match campaign to support Dig In.

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational association established in 1988. Its mission is to create, enhance and protect great places to ride mountain bikes.

Learn more at and keep scrolling down to read about all the projects, which are listed in alphabetical order by the state in which they are located.

West Alabama Mountain Biking Association
Lake Lurleen State Park Trails Improvement
Coker, AL

Existing trails at Lake Lurleen State Park are deteriorating due to poor design and construction. The West Alabama Mountain Biking Association (WAMBA) project has three phases to address the issue. The first is to improve the Lakeside Trail from the entrance parking lot to the dam to encourage novice riders and families to access the dam and explore the park. Phase two will improve a 9-mile trail connecting the north and south trailheads that has severe damage due to fall-line construction and improper drainage. Phase three is to build an entirely new trail system on 77 unused acres at Lake Lurleen. That area will be for a fast, fun, flowing trail system that will attract riders from all over.

SORBA Huntsville
Chapman Mountain Nature Preserve Trail System
Huntsville, AL

Thirty-five years ago, Chapman Mountain provided old-school trail enjoyment for the community's pioneer mountain bikers. When the Department of Transportation bisected the mountain to build a much-needed, road linking Huntsville to the interstate system, the trails were lost. Now that the Land Trust of North Alabama has acquired 370 acres of this desirable property, their leadership is looking to SORBA Huntsville for guidance on the installation of a multi-use trail system, up to 20 miles, creating a flagship property that will act as an attractive, four-season recreational gateway to the region. Trails will be designed as a stacked-loop system to maximize acreage and built to suit different users and riding abilities. An interpretive ADA trail loop will also be incorporated to provide recreational opportunities for the disabled. The master plan will even include a year-round gravel trail. Professional trail design is anticipated to cost $1,000-$2,000 per mile.

Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Association
"Save C," the Cave Creek Cactus Classic loop
Cave Creek, AZ

New residential construction has unexpectedly destroyed connectivity to two sections of the Cave Creek Cactus Classic (C4) loop-literally hundreds of miles of trails. It's necessary to reroute the loop to maintain connectivity and keep trail users away from a construction site that will be active for several years. The proposed reroute is on old, little-used, existing trail, requiring maintenance in the form of rock clearing, brush cutting and more. Desert Foothills Mountain Bike Association (DFMBA) has worked closely with land managers to recover from this loss and to identify the alternate route. Due to the ruggedness of the local terrain, frequent tool replacement is necessary. DFMBA anticipates requiring new McLeods, heavy duty rakes and gloves, safety glasses, signage, etc. and anticipates minimal spending of $3,500 for the estimated three to four years this alternate route will be in use.

Colorado River Area Trail Alliance
Coyote Bike Park
Kingman, AZ

Colorado River Area Trail Alliance (CRATA) wants to provide easy access to a basic but fun skills course for those who are new to mountain biking. The skills course will specifically prepare them for the remote, more advanced singletrack in the area. This project is at the heart of Monolith Gardens Trail System and Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area and will have two separate pumptracks/skills courses. The project is approved by the Bureau of Land Management and the small kids' skills area is already under construction, with a larger and more advanced skills course for adults planned next. The two areas will allow children to get started early and bring families and friends together of all ages and skillsets to ride. CRATA has trained volunteers with trail and pumptrack building knowledge willing to provide labor for this project; Dig In funds will allow for the purchase of tools to complete the project within 6-12 months. "This project displays what our local chapter and IMBA can do to create a healthier, family-fun community."

Rim Country Mountain Biking Association
Rumsey Park Trail and Bike Park
Payson, AZ

The Rim Country Mountain Biking Association (RCMBA) is currently building intermediate singletrack in Rumsey Park and is seeking funds to add a bike park to the area (in addition to a planned beginner trail). RCMBA has approval for a pump track, jump lines and a skills area and intends to have them engineered, designed and professionally built. "This is a great thing for our small town and something it really needs. We have a ton of potential but have not been able to have any new trails built in years. But with some shifts in local government and the U.S. Forest Service, as well as having an IMBA chapter pop up, we have a lot of momentum to do great things in the area for mountain biking."

West Valley Trail Alliance
Estrella Mountain Regional Park Competitive Loop rework
Phoenix, AZ

The current race loop at Estrella Mountain Regional Park is in a state of decay with trails that require frequent work. Without a significant rework, locals risk losing these trails out of frustration from the land manager having to maintain a trail system that is infrequently used. West Valley Trail Alliance (WVTA) has held multiple trail days in an attempt to salvage what was once a great race loop. The group's vision is to rework the existing competitive track into a mountain bike specific system while maintaining the designation of mulit-use. An entire network built and repaired by mountain bikers would be the first of its kind for Maricopa County Parks and Recreation District. Rehabbing the competitive loops has the potential to create an epic ride in the city limits and provide quick access to a large metro population. Dig In funds would allow WVTA to undertake the first initial steps in preparing a solid proposal to submit to the parks and rec district for legitimate consideration.

Prescott Mountain Bike Association
Emmanuel Pines Trail System
Prescott, AZ

The Greater Prescott Trails Plan has been a collaborative effort of the Prescott community years in the making. The project includes 70 miles of trails both non-motorized and motorized to be created in the next five years-both new construction and the adoption and adjustment of existing social trails. The Prescott Mountain Bike Association (PMBA) is ready to begin a portion of the 31-mile trail plan for the Emmanuel Pines area of Prescott, 24 miles of which will be new construction. The new construction will be a combination of hiring an operator using a compact excavator to rough in the new trail alignments, with PMBA and other volunteers hand-finishing the trails. Funds raised through Dig In will go toward the excavator so this project can begin.

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists
100-Acre Wood Bike Park
Tucson, AZ

100-Acre Wood Bike Park is Tucson's first progressive mountain bike skills park, and is located in the heart of Tucson adjacent to Davis Monthan Air Force Base. When completed, the bike park will include as many as 11 miles of flow and cross-country trails, a dirt jump park, two pump tracks, a kids zone, and an expo area. 100-Acre Wood Bike Park will provide an important opportunity to get new riders into the sport, and it will be a crucial community resource in a part of Tucson that is historically underserved. The bike park has been in the planning process for more than a decade. Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB) is working with stakeholders and the conservation community to clean up the site and develop a plan for environmental and habitat restoration to happen concurrently with bike park development. The Master Plan for the bike park was developed in collaboration with IMBA Trail Solutions and a coalition of local stakeholders and will be constructed in phases.

Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition
Hidden Falls trail improvements and expansion
Auburn, CA

Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition (FATRAC) is working on several projects at Hidden Falls Regional Park, including bridge location engineering, trail alignment planning for new trail construction, drainage trail hardening in three locations on existing trail, and finishing work on 2 miles of trail completed last year. This work continues the long-term relationship FATRAC has with Placer County Parks at Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn. The park is beginning the third phase of expansion in conjunction with Placer Land Trust to grow the existing trail network from 25 to more than 50 miles.

Monterey Off Road Cycling Association
Ongoing trail clearing
Fort Ord, Marina, CA

Monterey Off Road Cycling Association (MORC) currently working with Bureau of Land Management to maintain an 84-mile trail system on the former Fort Ord, a national monument. The trail system needs constant maintenance to keep the trail path clear of undergrowth and brush. Procurement of a walk-behind trimmer mower and a gas powered hedge trimmer will greatly enhance the efficiency of MORC's volunteer work.

Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers
Restoring Buckhorn Trail
Los Padres National Forest, CA

The 4.5 mile Buckhorn Trail is part of a 34-mile multi-use loop located in the Los Padres National Forest. Previously recognized as an IMBA Epic for its fun and varied terrain, unique views, and remote setting, Buckhorn trail was closed in 2007 due to fire and subsequent storm damage. By working with IMBA Trail Solutions, partnering with other local trail organizations, and using its own volunteer crews, SBMTV has rebuilt approximately one third of the trail. SBMTV is seeking Dig In funding to help complete the remaining 3 miles of Buckhorn trail and reopen the 34-mile loop.

Mount Wilson Bicycling Association
Tool Purchase
Pasadena, CA

Mount Wilson Bicycling Association (MWBA) needs to purchase more electric tools (hedge trimmers and batteries) that will not risk causing sparks so the group can continue work during the fire seasons. MWBA has a memorandum of understanding with the US Forest Service to do regular trail maintenance in the Angeles National Forest-about 1800 volunteer hours in 2016! MWBA is also implementing a bell program and also needs to purchase bells. The group has successfully distributed thousands of bells to local riders (the chapter serves an area of 12 million people) but there is still a long way to go. MWBA is working with local bike shops to give away a free bell with every new mountain bike purchase. The group also works with shuttle companies to require bells for anyone shuttling a trail.

SHARE Mountain Bike Club
Expansion of the Trail Boss Program
Orange County Parks, CA

SHARE Mountain Bike Club (SHARE) is requesting Dig In funding to support the expansion of the SHARE Trail Boss Program to perform critical trail repairs and maintenance in Orange County, CA. This program focuses on enabling a small number of highly involved and trained volunteers (trail bosses) to work at direction of the land managers on just-in-time trail improvements and maintenance. Under the direction of Orange County Parks Department rangers and the California State Parks' environmental scientist, SHARE trail bosses will collaborate and help identify key trail development and maintenance needs throughout the 2017/2018 trail work season, then perform critical trail maintenance. This program was piloted in 2017 in Santiago Oaks Canyon Regional Park and has been very successful. The program's benefits are the completion of urgent trail maintenance that often goes unaddressed due to lack of resources; the continued sustainability of the parks' trail systems; and improved public safety for all trail users.

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers
El Chorro Bike Park & Trail System
San Luis Obispo, CA

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is in the process of designing a mountain bike park and multi-use trail system at El Chorro Regional Park in San Luis Obispo, CA. There will be a beginner-friendly skills area and flow trails along with a larger area for expansion that could include challenging skill development such as logs, ramps, boulders, and narrow boardwalks. There is no other facility of this kind in the county and this is expected to become a popular destination and develop an under-utilized area of the park. CCCMB's next step is to work with IMBA Trail Solutions to develop a conceptual report to design the park. The group has more than 100 acres to work with to create a dream bike park that becomes a premier mountain bike destination on the central coast.

Mount Shasta Mountain Bike Association
Gateway Trail Phase 2
Shasta-Trinity National Forest, CA

Gateway Trail Phase 2 will add 38.5 miles of new, accessible, sustainable, multi-use recreational trail to the existing 15-mile Gateway Trail system to form a 53.5-mile network in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. This project will connect the local ski resort (Mount Shasta Ski Park) with the city of Mount Shasta and McBride Springs Campground, and establish three new trailheads for public access. Gateway Phase 2 will be highly accessible from Mount Shasta: located less than one mile from town. The project will also link to existing federal national forest trails and the Great Shasta Rail Trail. In 2017, and the Mount Shasta Trail Association secured $420,000 from the McConnell Foundation for project implementation. Federal permitting and design is expected to be completed by late summer of 2018 and construction is scheduled for fall 2018.

San Diego Mountain Biking Association
Black Widow Trail Project
San Diego, CA

The San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA), in cooperation with the city of San Diego, has gained approval for the Black Widow Trail at Black Mountain Open Space Park. This trail, when completed, will be about one mile long and will be the first designated "flow trail" in the county descending Black Mountain. It is part of SDMBA's success in lobbying land managers to formally adopt a network of social trails on Black Mountain, and to allow the group to build new singletrack. Work on this project, to begin in the fall of 2017, will include sustainable serpentine turns reinforced with grass pavers to provide a fun riding experience. REI has stepped up to fund nearly three-quarters of the project but the rest has to come from riders like you!

Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association
Sapwi Bike Park
Thousand Oaks, CA

The Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA) is ready to design and construct Sapwi Bike Park, including pumptracks, dirt jumps, a flow trail, balance skills stations and five miles of multi-use trails with bike-specific skills stations. After four years of public meetings, outreach and community input, planning for Sapwi Trails Community Park has been completed. Using funds from REI and CORBA's discretionary budget, the chapter has contracted with Flow Ride to do the bike park design and construction plan based on input from local constituents and CORBA's bike park committee. The design process begins October 2017 with support from REI. Phase one construction includes new singletrack and bike skills stations. Phase two will include the construction of the first pump track and jump line, anticipated completion is for late Spring 2018. The fourth and final phase will include a directional flow trail leading into the bike park area, estimated for Fall 2018.

Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates
Black Forest Regional Park Mountain Bike Trail Network
El Paso County, CO

Black Forest Regional Park was heavily impacted by a large fire in 2013. El Paso County Parks recently developed a master plan for rehabilitating it which will include a "nested loop" series of singletrack trails. Medicine Wheel is proposing to design a singletrack trail network on a 44-acre portion of the park. The group will also recruit park stewards to construct and maintain the trail network post-construction.

Overland Mountain Bike Club
On the Rocks Trail
Fort Collins, CO
This project includes design, planning and construction costs for a new, natural-surface trail segment on the west side of Bobcat Ridge Natural Area. "On the Rocks" will give visitors stunning views, unique experiences, and create a 1.5- to 2-mile loop on the west side of the ridge. The intermediate- and advanced-level trail will take users over, through and around large unique rock surfaces and formations-and will feature many opportunities for alternate lines and features-creating a truly one-of-a-kind trail segment in Colorado's Northern Front Range region. The area currently has approximately 12.5 miles of natural surface, multi-use trails open to mountain bikes. When complete, On the Rocks will have been rider-planned, rider-designed, rider-built, and rider-paid for.

Colorado Mountain Bike Association
Rooney Valley Trail
Lakewood, CO

The William F. Hayden Green Mountain trail system located in Lakewood, CO, is a popular "after-work ride" trail system due to its close proximity to Denver neighborhoods. The Rooney Valley Trail is a 1.3-mile segment that was constructed more than 10 years ago and is need of a substantial realignment. Lakewood Parks & Recreation has requested that Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) lead this effort in planning, funding, and construction. While the trail is desired to be enjoyable for hikers, runners, and bikers, COMBA intends to include many bike-optimized features. Dig In funds will be used to hire a trail builder for the final design and construction of the new tread, and COMBA hopes to complete this project spring 2018.

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance
Magnolia Trails Project
Nederland, CO

The Magnolia area of the Arapahoe/Roosevelt National Forest is in dire need of sustainability upgrades. Trails were damaged during logging and never re-established, and the trail system is full of deep ruts that will continue to erode without action. The goal of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) is to increase trail sustainability and decrease resource damage due to erosion and social trails. BMA will complete high-priority repairs and maintenance on five damaged trails covering 5 miles (Sugar Mag, Aspen Alley, Pungy, Whoop-Di-Doos and School Bus) utilizing a combination of professional, youth corps and volunteer trail work days. The Dig In funds will be matched 1:1 with private donor funds and will be used to cover labor cost overage. Most of the work involves creating sustainable trails and eliminating fall line, erosive trail alignments, and will be primarily accomplished with handwork and minimal machine use.

Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association
Colorow Flow
New Castle, CO

Colorow Flow is the working title for a pair of feature-filled, descent-optimized bike trails that will complement a new climbing trail, Stairway to Heaven, built in 2017. With the easy green climbing trail now in place, Colorow Flow will provide a fun beginner descent and an intermediate descent with optional difficult features. Chief Colorow of the Ute Indians is the namesake for a steep local trail favored by hikers and expert riders. Colorow Flow will broaden the appeal of this growing trail system for younger and newer riders, while offering a unique experience for New Castle residents and visitors. While most of RFMBA's projects have utilized volunteers and hand tools, this project is expected to employ experienced trail contractors for major portions, and will be a focus project for 2018.

SORBA Atlanta
Southside Park Trails
Atlanta, GA

For over 10 years, SORBA Atlanta has advocated for access to City of Atlanta parkland. In 2013, the group was granted permission to develop a plan to build up to 7 miles of trail at Southside Park, the city's largest (currently). This proposed trail system, designed with help from IMBA Trail Solutions, provides the first opportunity to bring mountain biking to Atlanta Parks and Recreation property with easy access to a population of 500,000 in a metro area of 5.8 million. It will also provide the unique opportunity to provide outdoor recreation to an underserved area of the city by offering natural surface trails and cycling to a new and diverse user group. Because of Atlanta's tree ordinance, one of the most stringent in the country, SORBA Atlanta and an independent arborist obtained an REI grant to work with City of Atlanta arborists to develop guidelines for recreational trail construction with tree impact guidelines and recompense. These plans could be models for other cities with similar tree codes. REI funds also helped build the 1.2-mile beginner loop in 2016. The next phase is a 3.5-mile intermediate trail.

Northeast Georgia SORBA
Yonah Preserve Trails
Cleveland, GA

Northeast Georgia SORBA is currently building a 20-mile, multi-use, natural surface trail system on 1,000 acres of Yonah Preserve in White County, GA. It has received federal Recreational Trail Program (RTP) funding for the first two phases and will have approximately 7 miles completed by the end of 2017. Northeast Georgia SORBA is currently raising funds to develop an updated master plan as well as funds to use for construction of subsequent phases. The group has been working on this project for a decade! IMBA Trail Solutions helped to design and manage the project, alongside very experienced local volunteers and professional trailbuilders with experience in the region. "With your help, we can deliver on our promise to bring a world-class, multi-use, natural-surface trail destination to Northeast Georgia."

Cobb County, GA
SORBA West Georgia
Frey Elementary / Durham Middle School Trail

SORBA West Georgia is building on a positive, productive, 6-plus year relationship with the Cobb County land manager. The chapter is planning to build a 7- to 8-mile long trail on land behind Frey Elementary and Durham Middle School that will maximize flow and be youth-friendly to complement the exploding popularity of high school mountain bike racing in the area. SORBA West Georgia is raising funds to hire a professional trail designer for the project, which will ultimately be part of the 20-plus mile Allatoona Creek Mountain Bike Trail System.

North Georgia Mountain Bike Association
Carters Lake Ridgeway Trail Remake
Ellijay, GA

The Ridgeway Trails have existed since the early 1990's and were not built by professionals following best practices. The trails were also damaged due to power line construction. Georgia Transmissions compensated $20,000 for the damage done to the trails, and the funds were used to engage a professional trail builder to design a new trail at Ridgeway. Ridgeway has great potential to be a main attraction in North Georgia for mountain bikers looking for an advanced flow trail system with a long, dedicated black-diamond downhill run and shuttle opportunities. Ridgeway will be one of the only systems in Georgia that offers this unique style of flow trail with an abundance of large, fabricated features, with expert-level optional lines. Funds raised from the Dig In Campaign will augment $6,500 leftover from the $20,000 donated by Georgia Transmission.

Skidaway Island Preist Landing Signs and Kiosk
Skidaway Island, Savannah, GA

SEGA SORBA currently maintains a scenic waterfront trail that winds along bluffs with over 10 miles of great views that is currently unsigned. This winter, SEGA SORBA will build a kiosk at the Priest Landing trailhead, along with signs and blazes along the trail.

Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders
Interstate Power Preserve Trails
Dubuque, IA

Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR) has collaborated with Dubuque County Conservation and the Interstate Tower Company, which own an adjoining 158 acres, to build 7 miles of mixed-level trails on unused land. The current plan is for a 3-mile beginner loop plus four advanced loops of one mile each. The objective of building these trails is to develop an extremely high-quality outdoor experience that is readily accessible to tri-state residents, engages residents and visitors to use the park, and inspires people to become more interested in an active, outdoor lifestyle. TMBR has contracted professional trail builders to do the work, and secured a matching grant for up to $80,000, or half of the project. Pending funding, the project can be complete in spring 2018.

Boise Area Mountain Bike Association
Avimor Trail
Eagle, ID

Boise Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA) is joining forces with the Avimor Community to build a downhill-only, bike-only trail of approximately 1.2 miles. Avimor owns the land that the trail is being built on and does not have to adhere to many of the multi-use clauses that many other trails have in the Boise area. This trail is being built by both machine and hand and is utilizing all volunteer work for completion. BAMBA is a small chapter with limited resources. It has secured a pro-bono machine operator and intends to put Dig In funds toward signage, trail markers, maps, man-made features, and equipment expenses incurred while utilizing machinery.

Wood River Bicycle Coalition
Alden Gulch Reroute
Sun Valley, ID

This project is a re-route of a trail that is in very rough shape. Alden Gulch was severely impacted by the 2013 Beaver Creek Fire and subsequent devastating weather events. When open, the trail provides access to the 11-mile Osberg Ridgeline-a popular high-alpine trail that is mainly ridden as a shuttle from Ketchum. A re-route of Alden Gulch would provide a ridable loop, allowing people to pedal up Baker Creek Road to access Osberg Ridgeline. It is a steep, very demanding trail and will need major reconstruction before it's reopened.

Rockford Area Mountain Biking Alliance
Atwood Silent Sports Trail System
Rockford, Il

The Atwood Silent Sports Trail System is a professionally designed trail system that will cater to mountain biking, hiking, cross-country skiing and fat biking. The Rockford Area Mountain Biking Alliance is well into the fundraising portion of the project and is hoping to start phase one of the four-phase project very soon. When completed, seven trails that are a mix of beginner and intermediate flow with berms, jumps and optional technical features will bring 11 miles of new trails to Rockford.

Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts
Patuxent River State Park
Montgomery County, MD
Patuxent River State Park is a Maryland State Park with no facilities or authorized trails. Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) is working with Maryland Park Service/Department of Natural Resource to build between 25 to 30 miles of sustainable natural-surface, multi-use trails within the park. Patuxent River forms the boundary between Montgomery and Howard counties and will encompass both sides of the river. The project will incorporate three phases over five years with the first phase expected to be complete in 2018.

Potawatomi Mountain Biking Association
DTE Energy Foundation Trail: Sugar Loop
Chelsea, MI

DTE Energy Foundation Trail is a planned, five-loop 20-plus-mile flow trail system conceived by the Potawatomi Mountain Biking Association (Poto MBA). As a result of a progressive approach, Poto MBA was able to sell the naming rights to this trail system for $255,000. That, along with seed money provided by individual and corporate partners, has provided an epic start to the trail project. Two of the planned five loops have been built. The 5.2-mile Green Lake Loop was built with novice riders and families in mind. The Big Kame Loop is a 4.8-mile loop that climbs and descends a large glacial kame mound in roller-coaster fashion. Big Kame opened in June 2017 and is so popular that it necessitated construction of a new, 100-car parking lot. The 6.8-mile Winn Loop is ready to build and will open June 2018. It will feature rolling terrain through northern oak, hickory and maple hardwood forests, and traverse a ridgeline that drops a couple hundred feet to a lake. Dig In funds will support loop four, the 3-mile Sugar Loop at the southernmost point of the system, which will be professionally built and hand-finished by Poto MBA volunteers and open October 2018.

Michigan Edge Mountain Bike Association
Mosquito Creek Trails
Muskegon County, MI

Muskegon County has entered into a lifetime agreement to allow Michigan Edge Mountain Bike Association (MEMBA) to professionally design and construct 12 miles of trails on their 500 acre parcel at Mosquito Creek. The Mosquito Creek Trails will be a regional, year-round outdoor recreation destination with more than 10 miles of backcountry trails that will increase opportunities for physical activity, connection to nature, adventure, economic vitality, and ultimately, a higher quality of life for the Muskegon area. Premier trail professionals have designed experiences for all interest and skill levels of trail users. The trail system will include six trails, with 3.35 miles of beginner/easier trail, 6.11 miles of intermediate trails, and 1.5 miles of advanced trail. MEMBA's goal is to have enough raised by spring 2018 so that the professional trail contractors can begin construction.

Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores
Spirit Mountain All-Weather Trail
Duluth and Superior, MN

The Spirit Mountain All-Weather Trail is a joint effort of the Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS), City of Duluth and Spirit Mountain Recreation Area. Once complete, this trail will provide a world-class, cross-country venue to the region. The surface of this 3.5-mile trail system will be entirely "hardened" or "capped," meaning it will be built with a variety of materials such as rock, rip-rap, and gravel allowing the trail surface to drain immediately during and after rain events. A trail of this nature will serve a unique purpose in a region where soil types often prohibit riding in wet or muddy conditions. This weather-hardened venue will become a reliable resource to race events seeking to take advantage of the infrastructure at Spirit Mountain and to recreational enthusiasts of all abilities seeking a trail experience during shoulder seasons and during times of inclement weather. This trail system connected to the Duluth Traverse: 40 miles of singletrack. The new trail will be completed in three phases, with the first already underway. The total cost of the project is estimated at $310,000.

Mankato Area Mountain Bikers
Mount Kato Expansion
Mount Kato Ski Area, Mankato, MN

Mankato Area Mountain Bikers (MAMB) plans to expand the Mount Kato Ski Area's mountain bike amenities. The plan includes a professional evaluation of the property and its existing trail system to maximize the potential of the land while also preserving and renovating the existing trail system to more sustainable standards. Plans by Mount Kato to expand its mountain bike trails have languished over time, but the growth of Minnesota's NICA League (high school mountain bike racing), the local IMBA chapter and the Minnesota mountain biking scene in general has provided new incentives to make the ski area into the resource MAMB knows it can be for local and visiting riders. Mount Kato has been proud the host of the Minnesota NICA's season-ending championship race the past four years. This project would go a long way to helping to cement Mankato's place in the Minnesota NICA race series. Dig In funds will be applied to hiring a professional trail contractor to appraise the property and design a trail system to more fully utilize the property's assets. The product of that evaluation will help direct MAMB's future efforts on Mount Kato.

Superior Cycling Association
Tofte to Lutsen Connector Trail
Tofte and Lutsen, MN

Superior Cycling Association (SCA) is working to create some of the Midwest's premier singletrack mountain bike trails. SCA will build 17 miles of flowy trail interrupted only once by a minimum maintenance road. Tofte and Lutsen are two of Minnesota's premier outdoor vacation destinations and SCA intends to build what will undoubtedly be one of the Midwest's premier, purpose-built mountain bike trails. The area is almost exclusively dependent on tourism, and the very same topography that is a draw for tourism is ideal for mountain bike trail building. SCA has already secured over $450,000 for this project. Because of topography and other concerns, the trail is longer than originally intended and will also be more boardwalk intensive, resulting in a budget shortfall of nearly $100,000. There will be plenty of rock gardens. climbs, descents, boardwalks and other trials features to keep the riding interesting for all levels, plus views cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

North Mississippi Trail Alliance
Hernando Point Trail Project
Hernando, MS

The objective of the North Mississippi Trail Alliance (NMTA) Hernando Point trail project is to develop a regional destination trail that takes advantage of the scenic lake setting at Arkabutla Lake, managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The use of mechanical trail building equipment is intended to add challenging and fun trail features while maximizing the existing volunteer base. Additionally, the project is focused on furthering the support for mountain bike trails from local, county and state governmental officials and to grow and support the local mountain bike user community. When complete, the trail system will include at least 26 miles, including a 16-mile intermediate-advanced trail (phase three).

Pedal United
Acton Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail System
Acton, MT

Pedal United proposes to continue the development of the Acton Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail System. Development of this system includes the construction of an additional 15 miles of dedicated mountain bike trails, continued maintenance of the existing 15-mile trail system, development and construction of a trailhead, and area-wide signage designed to promote user safety, indicate trail skill levels, and enhance user experiences. Currently, south central Montana lacks the opportunity for multi-day mountain biking, access to extensive trails on public lands, and a welcoming and useful trailhead experience. Developing the Acton Recreation Area will create these opportunities and further promote economic development, discourage illegal trail use and construction, and limit destruction of public lands in Montana and Yellowstone County.

Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists
Lake Como Area Mountain Bike Trails
Lake Como, Bitterroot National Forest, MT

Bitterroot Backcountry Cyclists (BBC) has proposed a network of trails in the Lake Como vicinity, which will be designed primarily for mountain biking but will also benefit other non-motorized users. The trail system will combine several existing trails (19 miles) with approximately 9 miles of new singletrack to create a well-designed system that provides great options for mountain bikers of all skill levels. The proposed trail system will provide mountain biking opportunities that are well-suited for beginning and intermediate riders. There is a shortage of this type of riding in the Bitterroot Valley, as the majority of trails in the forest are considered to be difficult and best suited for advanced mountain bikers. Dollars from the IMBA Dig In grant will support completion of trail design, surveying and layout in collaboration with a Bitterroot National Forest trails specialist. A detailed plan can also allow BBC to market the project and gain even more support.

Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association
Copper City Trails
Copper City and Three Forks, MT

It is no easy feat to construct 17.5-plus miles of brand-new trail in a stacked loop system designed to provide recreation opportunities to the locals of rural Three Forks, MT. Equidistant from Bozeman, Butte, and Helena, this trails project is one of the most ambitious public recreation infrastructure efforts undertaken in Southwestern Montana in decades. The project is immense, covering roughly 2,800 acres of prime public land. The Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (SWMMBA) has partnered with the Butte Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to create this recreation mecca. Funds will help support phase one of the project-parking, trailhead building, and two loops totaling roughly 9 miles of trails, including professional construction of Neversweat: a downhill directional bike-specific trail.

Northwest NC Mountain Bike Alliance
Lake Hickory Trail System
Hickory, NC

As a result of local fundraising, Hickory City Park and the adjoining Rotary-Geitner Park have a new modern pumptrack and beginner trail, completed fall 2017. Hickory-based members of the Northwest NC Mountain Bike Alliance (NNCMBA), in cooperation with the City of Hickory, plan to take the next step in the trail revitalization by completing a new and improved 4-5 miles of intermediate to advanced trails, utilizing some of the best scenery and terrain in the region. It will become a top destination for great riding, serving all levels and types of mountain bikers. The project will result in safer, more sustainable trails as well as reducing the number of times the trail crosses the paved Geitner Greenway, a high priority for the land manager. NNCMBA believes this project will have a considerable impact on the economy and health of the City of Hickory for years to come.

Piedmont (Greensboro) Fat Tire Society
Rich Fork Preserve Trails
High Point, NC

Rich Fork Preserve is a 120-acre parcel of land acquired through Guilford County Open Space bonds, and the Fat Tire Society would like to add 1.2 miles of trails to the landscape, as well as upgrade 1.3 miles of existing trail. This portion of the county is currently underserved in providing mountain bike and hiking opportunities. The property is adjacent to the High Point YMCA and Northwood Elementary School. When the trail system is completed, it will provide a combination of both hiking-only and natural-surface multi-use bicycling trails for the community. Matching grant funds will enable Fat Tire Society to expand beyond its limited volunteer base to utilize contracted labor and provide a high-quality trail.

Trails Have Our Respect
Swanson Bike Park
Bellevue, NE

Trails Have Our Respect (THOR) and the City of Bellevue have been working together on a concept for development of a bike park at Swanson Park, an existing city facility that is home to a mountain bike trail and other recreational activities. The final product, a detailed concept and feasibility plan, will be used by THOR and the city to solicit general support from the community, conduct fund raising activities, and to solicit vendors for development of the park. The plan is likely to include downhill flow trails that will accommodate a variety of ramps, features and option lines plus a pumptrack, skills area and possibly jump line(s). THOR intends to engage a firm experienced in bike park design and development to begin the initial design work for a bike park and refine it to include a final design concept and phasing plan for the park.

Santa Fe Fat Tire Society
Glorieta Access Trail
Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Fat Tire Society (SFFTS) is partnering with Glorieta Camps to build an access trail to the camp's extensive trail network that will subsequently be open to the public. Currently, access to the Glorieta Camps trail network is only available by permission through a key code-controlled security gate and during events and races. Glorieta Camps trails have hosted Big Mountain Enduro and NICA-New Mexico High School Mountain Bike League races, including the state championships two years running. SFFTS worked with Glorieta Camps to design an access trail that avoids the main campus area and connects with the trails surrounding the perimeter. The trail will be handbuilt by volunteers directed by SFFTS crew leaders and is scheduled to begin soon.

Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association
Stone Tower Trail Phase 1
Allegany State Park, Salamanca, NY

The proposed Stone Tower Trail phase one is a new, 4-mile singletrack trail in Allegany State Park (ASP) and is part of the park's 2010 master plan. The Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association (WNYMBA) and ASP worked together to secure Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funding for the project in 2016. WNYMBA is responsible for a 20-percent match for the RTP grant, which the Dig In fund will support. The combined funds will be spent on a professional trail builder and any money raised above the match amount will go toward additional mileage for phase two of the trail. This section of trail will also be a key component of WNYMBA's promotion of a region-wide cycling destination stretching from Ellicottville to the north to the Allegheny National Forest to the south.

Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association
Bootleg Canyon Progressive Track
Boulder City, NV

Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association (SNMBA) is working to improve a bike park/pumptrack south of the notorious Bootleg Canyon trails. The current focus of the build plan is to develop a dynamic pump track, to repair the existing jump park, and to improve existing trail features to lower risk on larger jumps. Additional efforts include the development of three unique jump line trails that vary in skill from beginner to intermediate and advanced, with the ability for expansion to connect the various lines. The trails will be built in conjunction with the SNMBA, Boulder City, local pro/ex-pro riders, and community businesses. The results will provide southern Nevada's most iconic mountain bike location with a unique and versatile progressive trail system that all riders can enjoy.

Athens Bicycle Club
The Bailey Tract Mountain Bike Trails Project
Athens County, OH

The Baileys Mountain Bike Trail System is a proposed 92-mile trail system developed through a partnership of local non-profits, community members, county government, and Wayne National Forest. The shared goal is to create a quality singletrack mountain biking experience and create the connection of nearby communities, increasing recreational opportunities that can improve health and well being of community members, and encouraging economic development in those communities. Partners are requesting financial support to develop construction-ready designs for phase one of the project: 36 miles of flagged trail, suiting riders of various skill levels. The Bailey Tract is within 150 miles of nearly 16 million people. It has the potential of becoming a destination area for mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners throughout the Midwest. Corridor design for phase one is complete. This proposal requests funding to complete construction documentation, estimated cost of $15,000, resulting in construction-ready plans for 1 mile of all-weather trail, 7 miles of beginner trail, 24 miles of intermediate trail, and 4 miles of advanced trail.

Rust Belt Revival Trail Coalition
Lake Milton State Park
Berlin Center, OH

Rust Belt Revival Trail Coalition (RBRTC) is currently constructing a natural surface mountain bike trail at Lake Milton State Park, designed for beginner and intermediate riders. Almost 4 miles of trail have been hand-built in the last 12 months. The plan is to complete 12-14 miles by the end of 2019. RBRTC board members have been providing their own personal tools to build the trail, and the Dig In grant will allow the chapter to purchase its own equipment, including: chainsaw, weedeater, brush hog, leaf blower, hand tools and an enclosed trailer. RBRTC is a small group with only 23 members. During the last 12 months, its enthusiastic core has logged over 650 volunteer hours building natural surface trails at Lake Milton State Park.

Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization
Great Seal-tool purchase
Chillicothe, OH

Great Seal is an existing network of trails with 20-plus miles of trails. Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (COMBO) was recently approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to build 6 new miles of trails. There are volunteers ready to go but not the tools to equip them properly. COMBO needs to purchase a GPS, five dirt bags, two wheelbarrows, a clinometer, flagging tape, a come-along, a rock bar, pruning shears, axes, shovels, grub hoes, fire rakes, MacLeods, pulaskis, and a chainsaw. Some of these tools are also intended to enable better trail maintenance for the team in Chillicothe, members of which are primarily using their own tools.

Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance
Mt. Airy Trails
Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance (CORA) has entered an agreement with the City of Cincinnati Park Board to build a pilot project of 4-6 miles of multi-use natural surface trail in Mt. Airy Forest. Mt. Airy is the largest managed urban forest in the nation, and is a unique outdoor resource in the heart of Cincinnati. Currently stewarding over 60 miles of trail in the region, CORA has worked for over 20 years to establish a relationship with the city that would eventually allow for trails that are open to mountain bikes; these trails will be the first mountain bike permitted trails in Cincinnati's parks.

Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship
East Arcadia Lake
Edmond, OK

A joint project of Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship (OEF), the City of Edmond, and the US Army Corps of Engineers-Tulsa District, the East Arcadia Lake trail system adds additional mileage to the existing trail system at Arcadia Lake. The new trails will be unique to the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas and will include progressive features such as varied flow sections in addition to technical rocky descents. Built over 20 years ago, the existing 6.5-mile natural-surface trail at Arcadia Lake is extremely popular with multiple use groups but has suffered due to poor construction and neglect. A disengaged mountain bike community, among other things, resulted in the loss of two miles of the singletrack in 2015. Over a period of 2.5 years, OEF developed a plan to construct a new trail system on an infrequently used portion of Army Corps land at Arcadia Lake. OEF stepped up to exhibit its knowledge, tout the benefits of trail systems and organize volunteer work to improve the relationship, and it's proposal was approved in 2017.

Team Dirt
"No Secret" Phase II
Corvallis, OR

"Three groups, all alike in dignity / In fair Corvallis, where we lay our scene / From illegal trails to new forest uses / Where past tensions bleed into new beginnings." This grant opportunity comes at a particularly crucial time for the mountain biking community in Corvallis. For years, Team Dirt has been working to establish a trail system in the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest. Mountain bikers, Oregon State University College of Forestry Research Forest (OSURF) researchers and Starker Forest have struggled off and on to find and maintain balanced and mutually respectful relationships. In the last few years, things have begun to improve. Team Dirt and OSURF have been working in tandem to build the first mountain bike-specific trail in the research forest. "No Secret" is 1.6 miles long and is an intermediate-level trail. Team Dirt's plan is to extend the No Secret trail and ultimately develop a sanctioned, dedicated trail system geared toward enrichment of the local mountain biking community. A primary focus in on healing the neglect of previous years, eventually enabling local mountain bikers to experience sustainable, sanctioned trails in their backyard.

Trail Pittsburgh
Alameda Singletrack
Butler, PA

Trail Pittsburgh has worked in partnership with Butler County on the planning, design and construction of singletrack trails at Alameda Park. Over 20 miles of sustainable loop trails were proposed in the county's 2014 Master Plan. Trail Pittsburgh has constructed 6.5 miles of so far utilizing both a professional trails contractor and a skilled volunteer stewardship team. Alameda Singletrack is a unique trail system of sustainably constructed, bike-optimized trails for different user groups and skill levels. Trail Pittsburgh currently has $10,000 in funding and materials to continue work through 2017. With additional funding and community support, the group hopes to complete phase two in 2018-2019. Once the singletrack trails are complete, a downhill trail, skills park and pumptrack will be added in phase three. Trail Pittsburgh stewards contributed over 2,000 volunteer hours in 2017. Alameda Park is quickly gaining popularity in the local trail community and is providing a tourism boost to Butler County and the region.

Midlands SORBA
City of Florence Mountain Bike Trail System
Florence, SC

Midlands SORBA is raising funds for the design, construction and maintenance of a proposed City of Florence mountain bike trail system. The current trail system has 26 miles of multi-use trails. Midlands SORBA is planning to add more technical singletrack to further diversify the city's recreation offerings, and has city approval to lead and help manage this project. A city-owned parcel of land consisting of 80 acres has been identified as the place to begin planning the new trails.

Upstate SORBA
Town Creek Bike Park Phase III
Pickens, SC

In 2012, the City of Pickens, South Carolina, was awarded grant funds to design and build a bike park and trail system at Town Creek Park. The master plan had three phases of development, two of which were design and construction phases. Only a pared-down version of phase two was completed with the awarded grant. Dig In funds will be used to continue development and construction of the natural-surface singletrack and mountain bike skills portions of phase three of the master plan. The primary goal will be to plan, design, flag, and construct the natural surface singletrack trails on the northeast section of the park property, about 0.5 to 1 mile, then add 2-3 miles of trails to the southeast sections of the park.

Reface FATS (Kiosk)
Sumter National Forest, SC

SORBA CSRA is working on pieces of the Forks Area Trail System (FATS) Reface Master Plan, specifically the construction of a three-panel kiosk with large-scale mapping, rules of the trail, safety information, and US Forest Service information. This kiosk is part of the larger master plan, which includes repairing and improving sustainability of the 37-mile FATS trail system and improvement of the trailhead areas.

Falls Area Singletrack (FAST-SD)
Tuthill Park Single Track Recreation Trail
Sioux Falls, SD

FAST-SD is raising funds to work with a professional contractor to design and build up to 3 miles of multi-use singletrack in and adjacent to Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls, with completion slated for fall 2018. Through the group's usage agreements with the city of Sioux Falls, FAST-SD currently maintains over 4 miles of multi-use dirt trails open for biking, running and hiking at Leaders Park and along the Big Sioux River Greenway, and is looking to add to the local landscape.

SORBA Tri-Cities
Winged Deer Park Mountain Bike Trails
Johnson City, TN

SORBA Tri-Cities and Johnson City Parks and Recreation are working jointly to develop, construct, and maintain 4-5 miles of purpose built mountain bike trails at Winged Deer Park. Phase one includes 2 miles of green- and blue-rated trails and is 70 percent complete. Phases two and three will include 2-3 more miles of trails including a beginner downhill trail and skills area. SORBA Tri-Cities worked to achieve as much progression in the overall trail system as possible, and will add technical features with ride a rounds over time for added elements of skill progression over time. This partnership brings the first mountain bike trails to city property to Johnson City. Dig In funds will support volunteer workdays, machine rentals, and building supplies.

Weatherford Mountain Bike Club
Quanah Hill Phase Three Trail Improvements
Weatherford, TX

The Quanah Hill Phase Three Trail Improvements consist of adding an additional 1.6 miles to an existing 5.2-mile trail network. Funding for this project will specifically be dedicated toward the purchase of tools, materials and signs. The Weatherford Mountain Bike Club (WMBC) planned and designed the trail. Construction will be done by chapter volunteers and in partnership with the Boy Scouts. WMBC has raised $2,000 so far and hopes to complete the project in May 2018.

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association
Iron Giant Trail
Cedar City UT

Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association (DMBTA) is working to build the Iron Giant Trail, a beginner downhill trail that will enhance a new trail system. The trail will also support the local NICA high school mountain bike racing team, which uses that system for practice and training. This trail will provide a progressive step in riding capability for downhill beginners and provide another option for riders in the current trail system. It will also help establish a complete directional trail system. DMBTA's current plan is to work with the Bureau of Land Management and IMBA Trail Solutions to machine-build the trail and will follow with volunteers doing finish work and maintenance.

Turnpike trail at Flatwater - James River Park
Richmond, VA

RvaMore is working to raise the tread of half a mile of popular trail in James River Park, to make it usable year round. The trail is close to the James River in a flat area. It is very heavily-used by both cyclists and hikers, although for increasing amounts of time the trail is un-usable due to how muddy it gets. The plan is to raise the entire trail tread, and to improve the drainage, so that the trail remains accessible for a much longer part of the year. It is a multi-step process anticipated to cost $10,000 in materials.

Roanoke IMBA
Wasena Park Bike Skills Area
Roanoke, VA

Roanoke IMBA will work with local land managers and community organizations to design, plan, fundraise for, and construct a bike skills course and a pumptrack in Wasena Park in Roanoke, Virginia. The bike skills area will be intended for use by children, youth, and adults, and will serve the community and the park by adding to the variety of activities already available, making use of viable green space, and creating new opportunities for community and skills development and sport camaraderie. The location is near downtown, adjacent to a thriving neighborhood, and will be the first bike skills area of its kind in the Roanoke Valley.

Capital Off Road Pathfinders
Cross Plains Single Track Trails
Cross Plains, WI

The Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP) has teamed with the Village of Cross Plains to construct and maintain approximately 3 miles of mixed-use singletrack in the Cedar Hill and Cedar Glen conservancies. CORP has been having weekly volunteer work days since the trail system was approved and is working on securing funds for a professional trail builder to construct several technical sections. Trails will primarily be installed along the edge of a bluff which will create unique challenges as well as offer beautiful views. The Village would like these trails to be accessible to novice riders as much as possible so we plan to construct trails that qualify as beginner to intermediate. CORP will take advantage of natural terrain features as much as possible and construct optional difficult lines where possible.

Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition
Building a Better Mountain Biking Community: Ringle Trails
Marathon County, WI

The Central Wisconsin Offroad Cycling Coalition (CWOCC) is seeking funding for mountain bike trail construction at the Marathon County property to create the Ringle Trails: a 10-mile mountain bike trail system. Ringle Trails will provide a great opportunity for unique trail design given the glacial terminal moraine landscape. The soils, side slopes, boulders and overall terrain will provide a very different user experience than any other trail location in the county. The trails will feature a beginner/warmup loop and optional technical skills lines, drops, jumps and more on the 7 miles of intermediate trails. With the completion of Ringle Trails, the community will be home to three of the premier mountain trail systems in central Wisconsin. The economic development and tourism potential for mountain biking in the Wausau metro area will be significantly enhanced by the Ringle Trails.

Southeast Wisconsin Trails Alliance
Bike Park Trail Plan
Twin Lakes, WI
Kenosha County and Southeast Wisconsin Trails Alliance (SEWTA) are seeking to raise funds to develop a mountain bike park plan at West End Park-a former gravel pit in western Kenosha County. Having completed a trail system at Silver Lake Park, this is phase two of a five-year partnership between SEWTA and the county. The proposed mountain bike park and trails, when complete, will include 1.2 miles of multi-use trails, 7 miles of singletrack trails, and 1.8 miles of advanced trails, as well as a bike park skills areas and whatever the pro designers determine appropriate. The Wisconsin Department of Tourism supports this project for its potential to attract a large number of out-of-state bikers to the area. Due to its location near Lake Geneva, and within the triangle formed by the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison metropolitan areas, this site is well positioned to draw tourists from beyond county and state lines.

Blackwater Bicycle Association
Thumb Project: Trailhead Improvements
Davis, WV

In partnership with First Energy, Blackwater Bicycle Association (BBA) has been given stewardship of land that is the gateway to a large portion of trails at Camp 70 just outside of Davis, WV. BBA dubbed this the Thumb Project, due to the shape of the property, and First Energy has enthusiastically supported group efforts. This project aims to improve the parking area and make it a spacious, safe, functional and more official area for people who want to access the trail system. As of now, the Thumb doesn't have much in the way of marking the area as a trailhead. The greater vision for the Thumb trailhead is to have a designated parking area, a permanent trail map kiosk and barriers to limit motorized vehicle access to a former road. Dig In funds will be used to buy gravel, a few large boulders, and hire a contractor to rework the parking area.

Central Wyoming Trails Alliance
Casper Mountain Trails Center Signage
Casper, WY

The Casper Mountain Trails Center is a public facility that includes cross-country ski trails and singletrack trails. The elevation and close proximity to Casper make it a popular destination. Historically, rogue trails without a plan have created a confusing system of short singletrack accessed by roads and ski trails. Central Wyoming Trails Alliance (CWTA) developed over 4 miles of new singletrack to create much more fluid navigation. An investment of trails signage is the most pressing issue for the increasing popularity of the system. CWTA recognizes the need for navigation to be very upfront for the visitor or new local user. These are the groups that Casper has the most to gain from and embracing them helps increase quality of life and diversify the economy. CWTA volunteers will install the signs, maps and kiosk as part of planned volunteer program days.