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FR , DH , AM , XC , Full suspension , hard tail , no suspension ... WTF , i don't know what kind of bike i need ! lol

ok here is the deal , i have been looking to get into Mountain biking for a while .
the main reason is to help me get back into shape . ( just need something to help keep the heart rate up ) i expect to be riding a lot of street and trails. nothing extreme .

now here is the problem ... i was a fairly good rider a few years back. i raced BMX , rode freestyle / half pipe , DJ , tons of street / urban riding . launching 10Ft flight's of stairs was not un common for me ! now i don't expect to get back to the level of riding i was at when i was 20 but i do know if i see a set of stairs along journey's the temptation to jump over them will be there .

i am guessing that an AM bike is what i would need but i am un sure if that is correct .
i am also not sure if i should look for a HT or full suspension bike . from what i understand i will need to spend $2K on a solid FS bike if im doing more then just jumping off a curb or 2 . im not willing to spend that much yet .

anyway im so lost , any advise / help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated ! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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