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Howdy all,
Bored at home or work? Read on.
Long time lurker, first time poster,thought I'd introduce myself.
BLUF: I have too many MTBs, all 26ers,one of which is apparently rare in these parts.
Sorry for what may be odd spacing below from copy/paste.
Anyway, I'm a 53YO dude (no drama, 26-friendly) who likes hammering down local North AL trails, with the caveat that the hammering is figuratively done with one of those "My First Toolkit" hammers... No 4ft drops, but I'm happy to bounce merrily along up and over roots and rocks. Nearest trails are the well-maintained ones by the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville:a couple of winding loops, 4 miles total.
I'm cheap, and happy with my vintage 26ers, most of which are thrift store finds. Here's the stable of MTBs cluttering my garage and shed, all with sweet 26" goodness,and none with disk brakes or handlebars wider than my shoulders, as God intended:

  1. Unicorn in the USA? ~2000 model year Bergamont B-Wild. Aluminum hard tail, 3x9 drivetrain, Deore XT RD, V-brakes with Deore LX levers (with the coolio L/M/H power-assist lever adjustments) and the even coolio-r paralellogram-push (with no squeaks!) calipers; ~80 mm Rockshox Judy C Hydracoil fork, Ritchey headset and Rock Comp wheels, Schauf saddle, Tattoo stem and seatpost. 30 lbs. The dealio: $40 at a thrift store 2 months ago, in very nice shape; it needed grips, a freehub body and a Judy wiper/oil-seal kit; I also added Rock Bros nylon flat pedals (I like them). Replaced the Schwalbe 2" street-y tires with Kendas (K816 and K850, 2.1"-wide). I see next to nothing about this specific bike on the Interwebs; looks like was sold in Germany (home office), Russia and Poland. It's a real sweet ride. B-Wild looks to be co-branded with RockShox, from the stickering, and a decal says "Designed by Roger Williams, New York." Anybody else seen a B-Wild?
  2. USA-USA-USA! 1999 Cannondale F300. ~28 lbs. Got it used in about 2000, in the halcyon days of newspaper classified ads. Weakest spot is the RS Jett T2 fork (no Headshok here): coil+elastomer, ~63mm travel. Hard to find a good replacement fork b/c of the body length, but it works for what I need. New elastomers last year. Upgraded the twist grips to Shimano rapid fires. After the swells at the club started putting up rude billboards and hiring airships bearing hurtful taunting messages, I had to ditch the embarrassing 3x7 drivetrain and went for broke to a sporting 3 ... by... 8... setup. Spent more than it was worth (hold your fire!) but the added granny gear is just what I needed (from old 12-28T to 11-32T). Didn't want to fly too much closer to the sun with anything danker than 3x8, because of other impacts.
  3. Better a Lead Sled ... than Dead. ~2001 Mongoose Inferno. Thrift store, about $45 2 yrs ago. Did big box stores sell Mongeese with RS Judy TT's? Dick's maybe? Lots of (wayyy too much, in cross-section) aluminum, and/but the steel rear-susp swingarm helps it hit a healthy 37 lbs. The saving grace is smooth Shimano stock triggers (with rotary dial on top) and 3x8 train (it's not braggin' if it's true!). Oh, and the DNM rear coil shock is there on every ride, also. The solid rear axle we crave? You know it.
  4. ~1998 Specialized Hard Rock, rigid. Twisties. Steel, Cro-Mo fork. 3x7. Cantilevers. 32 lbs. Bought new at LBS, good for me. Move along, sir or ma'am.
  5. ~1992 DB Ascent. Rigid, Steel. 3x7. "2-model-year only design" below-the-bars "push-push" triggers. Don't like them, hard on my thumbs. I'm running it as a sweet 1 x ..... 7, b/c I messed up the FD placement, couldn't fix it, and took it off. Middle-ringing it in the front, ya'll. 32 lbs. $20 used.
  6. Make a hole for the pro, coming through! Finally, the MTB which I only mild-trailride, and only ironically. ~2000 Pacific Legend. Pacific was proud of it, and why wouldn't they be, with the yellow-bodied steel bouncy fork proudly stating "Posi Track 7000 Professional Series." The pride inside keeps you from noticing both the amusing/scary amount of fork twist, the frequent fork-bottoming, and the "Not for offroad use!" sticker on the top tube. A healthy 36 lbs. Another thrift store bike, about $40. I think they sold them new at Toys 'r Us.
Thanks for reading. Off I go!


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Welcome! That B-Wild looks cool, keep that baby representative to the bygone era. The wheel-size thing is over rated... all mountain bikes are fun on a good trail with good friends.

Enjoy your bikes!
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