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Never enough time to ride
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Hey all, I posted a while back before I had my Burner in a rideable conditions, well now I've got about 40 miles on the new ride and I absolutley love it. Had some initial setup issues with the rear shock but I think I'm starting to get it down. The SPV chamber has been the biggest pain in the but to get right, even with the Airtight adapter I still lose between 30 and 50 psi when I pull the pump off.

At any rate this thing has been well worth every penny spent, had to put a lot of work into getting it together, spent a lot of time trakcing down the fork, got lucky there. Will be looking forward to putting in a ton of miles on it, even have a trip to Medora planned for the middle of June.

I only have one pic right now, I will have to work on getting some better ones.

happy trails...

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