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rzozaya1969 said:
Hey everybody!

My sister called me today and it appears I'm going to be an uncle. Very nice christmass present :). Anybody know's of a bike for a toddler? maybe a tryke?

Hey Cool Stuff!!

But.... I beat you to it. My cousin (who is like a brother to me as we grew up together and even lived together for a while) had his first son as of yesterday!! Dec-25th at 9:15AM... A boy of 52cms and 2.725 grs.

Again congrats!

You'll have to wait on the trike stuff at least one year, enough time to save for a Titus one (they can custom make any bike you want, can't they?)... I know from experience!

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My sis went yesterday to the doctor and its confirmed! Oh, boy, he's sure going to be spoiled! naaahhh. I'll try to be the best uncle I can be.

I know that a trike or bicycle is still far away, but I'm pretty exited.
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